Saturday, March 31, 2012

Snow! (really?)

What a weird season it's been.  For the most part, it's as though winter never really showed up. Until the last couple of weeks.  We had snow last week and snow today.  It was beautiful.  Fluffy flakes that built up and made everything white and pretty.  

I love the sound that walking on fresh snow makes.  It's a squishy sound.  And, everything seems so quiet and muffled.  Snow.  On the last day of March.  Crazy!  

It bent over the daffodils.  Bummer.  But they weren't all in bloom, so we will still have plenty of them left for Easter.  

It snows so rarely here.  I'm excited when it happens.  But, at this point, I'm tired of being cold.  I long to sit on my deck and enjoy sunshine.  I'm ready for spring and even more ready for summer.  Bring on the sunshine!

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