Saturday, March 24, 2012

Being a Grandma

Today is the last day of "Grammy Camp" and on both sides there is a mixture of "Boo Hoo" and "YAY".  It was just the right amount of time.  Any longer and they would be very homesick.

Being a Grandma is....lots of things.  I was going to say hard.  I kind of envy those women that seem so natural at being a Grandma (and Mom).  They seem to have all the patience in the world.  I wasn't born with the Grandma (Mom) gene.  I'm sure of it.  I have literally zero patience.  I think back to all those years as a Mom and all the times that I completely lost my cool.  I'm much more in control as a Grandma.  I'm nice (or at least I try!)  But, for me being nice is soooo much work.  

I'm used to my quiet little life.  Just having people around 24/7 is an adjustment.  When they are my own's exhausting!  As they get older, it gets much easier.  But, I feel the need to keep them totally occupied.  I worry about making memories and wonder if they are having fun.  Is washing the dog fun?  Or a chore?  After seeing them dress him up, I'm thinking it was a good call.  

As for the sewing project for my oldest Granddaughter, I hope that I was able to show her something useful.  I think I sort of took the project over and she just ended up watching me make her dress.  It turned out great and she was super happy about it.  But, I imagined having her do a lot more of it herself.  There was that lack of patience again.  Sigh.

It's hard to find the balance between doing too much and not doing enough.  In the end, it just is what it is I suppose.  Still, what would it be like to be a "natural" grandma?  Someone with endless patience and love and caring?

I remember when my kids were little and my son was being a real challenge (putting it nicely) at about the age of 10.  I was telling my good friend that I didn't think I was a good Mother.  She looked at me and wisely said that a bad Mother wouldn't even wonder about it.  With that said, maybe I'm not so bad at being a Grandma after all.  They seem to think I'm pretty wonderful.   Hope I can continue to keep them fooled!

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