Sunday, March 25, 2012

That damn wagon!

I have fallen off the wagon....again What is it about that wagon that makes it so slippery?  I'm talking about food.  I have been eating all the wrong foods for a few weeks, and it's taking it's toll.  Am I addicted to food?  It's possible. I read a study (click here to read it ) that measured the brain activity and the result is that food addiction has brain reactions that they see in drug addicts.  Uh oh.  

I have to say that the more unhealthy food I eat... THE MORE I WANT!   And, the more I eat, the more I feel my control and will power slipping away.  
I've even had some (gasp) fast food!  I've had pizza, chips, cookies, cake, wine, fried foods, goodies (I'm getting hungry again!).
Here is what I have noticed over the past few weeks.  It's way more than those pounds that have shown up or that my clothes feel tight......

*The more I eat the hungrier I get.  Right now, I'm hungry ALL the time. Even when I'm full.  
*The more I eat (unhealthy) the more susceptible I am to suggestion, tv commercials, invites to eat out etc.
*I have lost my "mojo", I don't have the energy I'm used to, and I don't even care.
*I don't have my "happy".  I miss feeling really happy and excited about life.  Now that I am living off the wagon, I don't have that anymore.
*My sleep is not as restful anymore.  I wake up tired.
*My food doesn't taste good.  But, that doesn't stop me from eating it! 

The one saving grace I have kept up with having my protein shake (Isagenix) every morning.  I can't imagine where I would be without it. 

NEWSFLASH!  As I was typing this, hubby came in and invited me to brunch.  I felt like saying yes.  But, I just can't do it anymore.  I need to get back to feeling good.  So, NO it is.  He looked disappointed, but we both need to get back on track.  Life is so much better when we feel good.

I think about how many people never eat healthy.  Somebody is eating all that fast food.  And, people in general, are getting heavier and heavier (and sicker and sicker)...(and tired-er and tired-er).  I wonder if they even know what it is to really feel good.  To feel excited about life.  To have energy and happiness.  I'm sad to think that they are missing these feelings and don't even know it.  This is way more than what size a person is or how much they weigh.  It's about having a zest for life and preventing illnessBeing healthy.

I'm lucky to have tasted that good life and I know that it's worth the discipline that someone like me has to employ to get there.  My daughter teased me and said I need to go to "rehab".  I know that there are many people who can't relate to what I'm saying.  Food has no hold on them.  But, it does on me.  Always has.  

So, now that I told hubby "no" to eating out,  I feel like I've taken that first step back to normal.  Plus, I told YOU about it, so that should keep me honest, right?  Thankfully, I have the Nutritional Cleansing Program that is Isagenix at my fingertips and I can bounce back quickly.  It's such a blessing.  I can remember when I didn't have this healthy simple solution to fall back on.  Those feelings of frustration are still fresh in my memory even now 8 years later (read about it here).  So, Isagenix to the rescue!  Whew.   Isagenix is my wagon and I want back on!

P.S.   Two (Isalean) shakes today and 30 minutes on the treadmill....and I'm feeling sooo much better!  Ah.

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