Sunday, March 30, 2008

Daffodil HIll

Being married to a photographer...means never having to take pictures! Or does it? I have been learning about photography on other blogs and it is drawing me in!! I am just learning about taking photos with my little camera, that does a good job by the way. Hubby is giving me lots of good info. I can see why it can be so addicting. It has opened my eyes to new possibilities, for sure. These photos are from Daffodil Hill. It's a wonderful place as you can see from the photos. I even got a picture of the elusive photographer himself!!

My first pic of the first I couldn't see anything to take a picture of...later on, I couldn't stop!

Daffodils, and more daffodils!! It IS Daffodil Hill afterall!

This peacock was amazing. I wish I could have captured the incredible colors!

I could have taken pics of flowers all day!!

He's not accustomed to having HIS picture taken!

Pookie Bear

When all the kids grow up and move out....what next? A cute little doggie!! Our "precious" Pookie Bear got a hair cut this week and hubby decided it was a great time for a "portrait". He told me that it took a lot of "treats" to get this pose. I think it was worth it!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Version of the Cardi Remake

I love my new (old) cardigan sweater. I changed it 3 times and ended up with something I really like. It feels fun and "Spring-y". I am all set to cut up some more sweaters!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fun "Cardi" Remake

This "remake" is inspired by a wonderful Article in a magazine, Belle Armoire. The article was written by Sonia Nimri. My daughter in law and I went to the consignment store and both of us bought cardigan sweaters. My dil also bought a cute top. We took the sleeves off the blouse and put them on the cardi, then we cut the rest of the blouse into strips and that is what made the trim on the sweater. It was such a fun project. We both had complete cutting reluctance when it came to chopping off the sleeves on the sweater, soon we were snipping away! The photo is of dil at my daughters bridal shower....she got tons of compliments!!