Friday, June 29, 2012

I can't give up!

Why is every one always telling me to relax?  To calm down?  I don’t want to calm down.  And, I hate hate hate to quit.  To give up.  I try to give up.  I try to let go.  And then….I start thinking of new ways to work out the situation.
I have made a change from Dreamweaver to WordPress for building websites and I was so frustrated I wanted to cry or murder someone.  But, I just HAD to keep trying.  The more I tried, the more I learned, and the more I accomplished.  And, now, I just want to keep going and going!

I think that we are all different.  It’s a glorious thing.  Some people were born relaxed, calm and easygoing.  Some people.  But, not me.  My mind is always racing with new ideas and things that I want to be, have, do or try.  I have little notes all over the place.  I talk fast and I listen fast.  My poor hubby is so laid back and easy going, I’m sure I must drive him crazy….not that he would ever say.  He’s just too nice. 
I’ve been working closely with my oldest son (and business partner) recently on websites.  He is so patient with me and at the same time, he actually speaks my “language”.  He knows what I’m saying and what I want.  I love that about him.  He knows that I HAVE to do things myself and that I want to know how things work.  So, I can ask him a question and he won’t give me the answer, he will show me how to find the answer.  Isn’t that better?

Of course, there are lots of times that I feel like giving up.  Giving in and just plain quitting.  And, so I allow myself to do just that.  If something isn’t right, I say don’t do it.  But…if it’s something that you really want, something that your heart wants…take a breather and come back with new eyes and look for a different angle.  Life is like that.  When one door closes, another door opens.  If one thing won’t work, try another.  And, another.  And…….

After all this frustration, I have learned some pretty cool things,  I’m a creature of habit and Dreamweaver was my comfortable habit.  I’ve been using it for YEARS.  I didn’t want to learn something new.  Really.  But, now, I’m excited to learn more.  Yay.