Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pink Saturday....Take Care of YOU

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Now...turn on your speakers to hear "Pink Toenails" very cute!
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I did NOT go shopping today. I would have feared for my very life by the look of the crowds on the news!
It's like we are all at the starting gate and someone said READY....SET .....GO!
And, so the Christmas season is here!!

My message for you today is to urge you to remember to take some time for yourself! We all have so much to do, full calendars, shopping, decorating, cooking, company, travel, isn't it crazy? And, I LOVE it!!

Remember to fit a little ME time in there somewhere.

Now, let's take a lovely bubble bath...

These cute little hand towels were a gift from my BFF. She knows how I love to take bubble baths. And, she even had them personalized for me...isn't that so sweet?

They aren't foam, but I couldn't live without these!

Mmmm...wonder what this is?

Aaahhh, it's some pink powder. Just what every girl needs.

And, this is to smooth your legs. Love that picture.

It's a must to have candles for your bubble bath! Pink ones of course!

I love the sparkles from this one, little pink lights dancing all around the room, how delightful!

And, some sweet smelling potpouri.

A good book to read.

And, a cup of tea. My dear daughter gave this mug to me.
Isn't that the cutest little tea strainer?
And, it came all wrapped in pink!

I hope you enjoyed your bath. I can't possibly show you my own toes....
so here is something for us to fantasize about while we soak:

Happy (relaxing & restful) Pink Saturday to you!!


Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanks and GIVING

I never really gave much thought to ALL the people who have to work on holidays. Now that our kids are grown-ups and they work on the holidays, it makes me so much more appreciative of those who have to give up days like Thanksgiving to do their jobs.
If that is YOU, I say "thank you"!

This is my own dear daughter in her flight attendant uniform, ready to help people get home for the holidays....can you tell how proud I am of her?

We have celebrated early on Thanksgiving for several years now. It's not a big deal really. We're used to it. It's easier to shop, because there are no crowds and the stores haven't run out of things yet!

But....on that day....the "real" Thanksgiving, it's always a question of 'what to do'? Sometimes we take a long drive or just hang out at the house. I might start my Christmas decorating. I will admit that it feels a little sad, knowing that everyone in the country is gathering on that same day.

This year we did something different. We volunteered at our local Town Hall to serve dinner to our neighbors. Me, hubby and MIL (Mother in Law), were all excited to "give" and "serve".

I actually BAKED! I don't really care for cooking, but I have a few recipes up my sleeve. This is one of my holiday favorites....gingerbread cookies. I baked them in the shape of Turkeys and frosted them and some even got sprinkles....maybe there will be some kids there? MIL baked pies....her specialty!

I saved a few without frosting just in case someone preferred them this way.

This is me and MIL ready to serve....hungry?

There was a lot of care and thought that went in to the whole production. The decorations were wonderful and I just loved that someone took the time and effort to make it so very special.

We were shocked to find REAL paper plates or plastic forks here. Unless you wanted your meal delivered....this was offered also. Isn't that so neat?

This is the town's also the place where we vote.

People just sat wherever there was a place open. There were no strangers here. I was so touched by the sense of community that I am almost tearful when I think about it. There was a holiday spirit in the air and everyone was so friendly and happy. I just loved every second of it!

And, the desserts were plentiful. Anything your heart desired....and lots of it!!
MMMMmmm Yummy!

We went there to "give" and to "serve", but we ended up being the receivers. We got to share the special day with wonderful people who brightened our day.
I can hardly wait to do it again!!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I have so much to be Thankful for! On this day of Thanksgiving, I am reminded of all of those wonderful things that I have to be grateful for EVERYDAY!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This is a wonderful Thanksgiving video....enjoy!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Early Thanksgiving Feast

We had our Thanksgiving FEAST yesterday...2 of our kids have to work on Thanksgiving Day, so we celebrated early. MMMmmm what can I say?? It was delicious! The food was fabulous and the fellowship with our family was wonderful.

My MIL suggested paper plates, she saw some really cute ones in the store.

I suggested that we pull out the china! If not now....when? If Thanksgiving is not the occasion for the good stuff, I don't know when it would be?

I usually use my own china, but I urged my MIL to pull hers out this year. And, she did! I think it made the occasion all the more special by having her memories to share with us.

Sorry this came out blurry....I snapped it as people were walking in the door. What can I say...I was getting ready up until the very last minute!!

This is the place setting. Isn't it pretty? I would be perfect if the silverware was gold too...but we are just "making do" around here. And, isn't this better than paper plates?? My MIL's Mother actually painted these plates herself. She had a small china shop before she married. I can just imagine. It would have been very bold to have a business as a woman back then!

The next picture is to show you my new Thanksgiving banner that I made, just in time for dinner!! It says "Give Thanks". It's my first banner and I just loved making it. I learned how to make it here:

Eleanor Erickson gives great instructions and I had so much fun making it that I can't wait to make another!

There are lots of things I think I could do better in hindsight! So, I will be making one for Christmas asap!

Our day was just perfect. We ate all that we wanted and everyone contributed to the meal. It was all so good, I wish I had pictures. My dear daughter made the's her third year to do it and just when I don't think it would be any better, she improves on the year before.

Afterward we played a rousing game of Taboo and there was much fun and laughter.

I want to say that I had even more fun this year than years past
thanks to the blogging world.

Because of the many blogs I have been visiting these past few months, I had
so many more ideas for decorating and setting my table.
It just added to the entire holiday.

If you have read My Skinny Story, you will know that I am a Nutritional Cleansing Coach. I thought I would just share a few tips to keep those holiday goodies from becoming added pounds and inches on your body!

Before you eat the big meal, drink an entire glass of water. This will fill you up a little and keep you from eating as much. I had a delicious healthy smoothie about 30 minutes before the meal and this really helped a lot too!

When the food is being passed around, take teeny tiny helpings of everything you want to taste. This is like the test "round", to see what you want to indulge in having seconds on! Then after you have tried everything, only go back for more on the things you LOVE. Why eat excess calories unless it's going to be DIVINE?

Here is my biggest tip. I think that anyone...even someone who is on a weight loss plan, can survive an overindulgence. It's those LEFTOVERS that are really going to GET YOU! I sent the left overs home with everyone else and we are not grazing on all that food today. Believe me....I would be in there eating it right now!! All those rich foods have RICH calories and they add up!
Sure, I miss the leftovers, but I don't miss having an expanding waistline!!

Besides...we have to start getting ready for the next indulgence...Christmas Dinner!!

Hope that helps someone! I would love to hear your tips for staving off the typical holiday weight gain...any ideas?


Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Tale of Two Jewelry Chests

Welcome to Pink Saturday. If you like all things PINK, head on over to Beverly's and check out all the PINK may take a few days to wander through all the blogs on the list...but, it's worth it, I promise!!

I really REALLY wanted a jewelry chest and I searched for the perfect one. I just couldn't find one that I both liked and could afford. Then I came across this one....

from Walmart, and I think it was only $40!! I really wanted one that had more organization, but hey...the price was right!

And, it's PINK inside!!

Right after I got it, I found the PERFECT one (from QVC). What is a girl to do? I simply had to have them both!! Don't let the simple exterior fool has incredible organization.

Here is my pet peeve. Who designs these things? ALL of these chests open from the top. Of course we would want to decorate the top...but you can't....because you must open the top.

Why do they do it this way????

Ta Da!! Look at all the little compartments...

Isn't that CRAZY GOOD?

Each one of those earring holders slide right out, and all of the drawers have little spaces for small things....

like JEWELRY!!!

Here is something PINK!

And, yet another PINK necklace...

With earrings to match!

When I was little I used to love to go through my Mom's jewelry box. I knew everything in there by heart. I would ask her to tell me about every item, again and I loved those stories!!

I wish I could rummage through YOUR jewelry box. There are SURE to be some interesting things in there!

This is one such little cubby of mine. It has a pin that was my Grandma's, a teeny pic of my firstborn, my Mother's hospital bracelet from when I was born, a bracelet made by my granddaughter and my first watch that I got when I was 10....Alice In Wonderland...probably the most excited I can ever remember on a birthday.

Seems like it takes so much more to excite a kid these days, doesn't it??!!

I see some more PINK.....a vintage pin:

And, I have saved the BEST for last. I needed some light to see, and this precious little chandelier was just the solution.

Lot's of cute little PINK and blue pretties!

Happy Pink Saturday to you!!