Friday, November 21, 2008

This made me nervous....

Yep, it's a microphone. Today I did a very small voice over for a tv commercial on our local station. My husband and I have a small ad agency, and this was for one of our customers. And, yes, it did make me nervous. I've done it before, and I will do it any time I am asked. But, why on earth would anyone use MY voice?

Do you like the way your voice sounds? Have you ever heard your voice on a recording or video and been surprised to hear what you sound like?

I remember about a million years ago, when answering machines were a brand new husband (he was my boyfriend way back then) always knew when I was trying to reach him because he would have a huge amount of hang ups on his machine. I would NOT leave a message!

I can remember once a long time ago, we were trying to record our greeting and I just could not do it!! We tried over and over and over to make our little message and finally our 5 year old son said "Let me do it", now imagine that his tone of voice was more like "for heaven's sakes you guys....just get it done!!". So, we gave him the microphone and gave him "the look". You know that look that says "You'll's harder than you think". Only it WASN'T! It was EASY...for HIM anyways. I wish I still had that precious little voice announcing that we were not at home and to leave a message. It was so cute. And, HE was so SMUG!

Boy, I guess we have come a long way baby.

Here is just some of the equipment. Lots of buttons. Looks complicated.

Here is hubby (with the hat on), overseeing the resulting commercial. I think that it turned out pretty good, overall.


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  1. LOL! my voice in my head is waaaaay better than what is on answering machines and such. I sound so snotty (literally) on those things. LOL. And yet people tell me I have a good voice. Who knows. Funny post.



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