Thursday, November 6, 2008

If you like purses....check these out!!

I went to a winery in Lodi (in Calif.) a few weeks ago and had a fabulous time. It was a fundraiser (aren't we all so glad that the politics are over!!). I'm not a wine connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, BUT, the wine that they were serving was so wonderful, I wish I had bought some!!

I digress...while we were walking around the beautiful building and grounds, I was completely captivated by their merchandise. They had great clothing, many art glass pieces, too too much to mention. Of course, being a purse lover and collector, I was attracted to these purses. They are truly ART! And, these photos are only a few of the purses. I would cherish any one of them if they were in my own collection.

This one is my favorite. I love the beadwork and the soft flounces of color on the sides.

Red and Black and fabulous! Those roses are incredible!!

I took so many pictures, I think that the owner thought I was a "spy". She kept coming over and asking me "Can I help you?". I felt guilty (why is that?). So, my dear dear blogger friends, there isn't any length I will not go to so as to share with you!

I see so many photos on other blogs from inside stores. How do you do it? Please share your "secret agent" secrets with me!!

By the way, I expected the prices for these treasures to be sky high....and they were not. I can't remember the exact prices, but I remember thinking that even I could afford one...on a VERY special occasion. Maybe someday.....??

Look at all this bead work. The entire purse is covered with beads.

Lest you think that this winery is only about purses....I will tell you that they have a beautiful antique bar of the most wonderful wood. It's enormous and rich. The tasting room is large and open and filled with amazing things. They have a HUGE organ that plays by itself, and the grounds are lovely.

This is a beautiful beaded scarf:

This is the entry gate, it's all iron and the photograph does not do it justice.

If you are curious about the winery, you can see pictures of it on their website:

I am looking forward to going back!


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  1. What terrific purses! And I've NEVER seen one with flounces on it before!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

    BTW, I'm always afraid to take pics in stores, too. Just don't have the nerve!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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