Saturday, August 1, 2009

Top to Jacket....refashion

Sometimes, I know just what I want and either can't find it, or when I do find's just way too expensive. This happened last Saturday. We were playing with the band at a country club and we were supposed to wear black. I wanted a snazzy jacket to wear over my dress. But, I didn't want anything heavy or hot. Well, "hot", but in a fashion sense..he he. I also was hoping for beads.

I went to the thrift store and bought a stretchy and very soft (I LOVE soft clothes!) top. It was only a few dollars, so if my project was a bust...I wouldn't care. I also picked up some beads at Walmart.

My next step was to lay out all of the things that I thought "might" work in the project.

I tried imagining how they would look together. I decided on the beads with the crazy threads, second one up from the bottom. What would you have chosen?

Now it's time to find the middle.

And cut it open.

I tried it on and found the length that I wanted and marked that.

The sleeves were a little tight. First I removed the hem. That loosened them up a little. Then I stretched the fabric as I attached the trim. After that, they weren't tight at all.

Next, I turned under both sides of the front and sewed that down. Then, I took the rest of the trim and attached it to the hem.

I had this frog in my "stash", and I thought it was perfect!

I love the result. I wore it happily AND it was pretty chilly in the club, so I actually needed it after all! I wish I had a picture of me wearing it with my dress. Oh well, next time.