Saturday, December 8, 2012

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving decor and newly painted furniture

I'm so excited.  Hubby painted my furniture!  I know I could have done it myself, but he does it better!  Just in time for our Thanksgiving family holiday.  I just love the results. 

First up is our coffee table.  It's oak.  I love cottage/shabby and I have wanted this table to be white for the longest time.  It turned out fabulous!  Here a before picture:

And here it is white:

The next thing he painted was the entertainment center.  I hesitated to go to any trouble because we wouldn't want to keep it if we got a flat screen tv.  Now that it's painted, I don't even want a flat screen tv!  I hated the cabinet so much that I couldn't even find a picture to show you the before.  Here is a partial of it with Christmas from last year:

And here it is now:

The candles on top are from our centerpiece on Thanksgiving.  The girls helped me make them. 

I printed the letters and we glued them on.  Apparently, I can't spell.  I was short one candle.  Luckily I had something similar in my cabinet, whew.  I loved how they looked on the table and wanted to keep them out. 

This idea would be great for any occasion, you can spell anything you like!  They are sitting atop some small liquor glasses.  You could use wine glasses, really any kind of glass.  And, you could make them different heights with different glasses if you wanted to.

The hearth in our living room is the center piece of the house.  For all these years, it's been the setting for prom pictures, family pictures, it's just so pretty.  It was built by the lady who first lived in this house.  She made many rock walls outside too.  When my in laws first moved in to the house many many years ago, the rock fireplace was beginning to crumble.  So, they put a few beams around it to stableize it.  I would like to put up some crown molding, but in leiu of that, hubby painted it white.  The only "before" I could find was from a few Christmases ago and you can hardly see the whole thing...very brown.

And, NOW it's white:


I'm really looking forward to putting up my Christmas decorations with all this fun white!

But before I do, here are a couple more Thanksgiving/fall decor to look at:

 For Thanksgiving, I realized that I didn't have enough dishes for 13 people.  I thought about getting dishes at the thrift store and doing mix and match china, but I just couldn't find the right things.  And, it was going to be expensive!  Then, I found these great dishes....wait for the DOLLAR STORE!  

What a find!  The table was so pretty.  I had an old table out in the shed that was a pretty good match to our dining room table and I borrowed chairs from my MIL.  

The centerpiece was the candles and in between we put little tiny pumpkins.  My granddaughter and I carved a place to put a little tealight candle and we filled in with some fall leaf decorations and pine cones from outside.  

Things I would change for next time.  First I would take more pictures.  I wish I had made napkins and place setting signs for people to sit.  

All I had to do was set the table, since my son did all the cooking.  I'm happy with the way things turned out!