Sunday, August 31, 2008

What I like about Yard Sales

There are 2 types of garage sales.

1) those who want to get rid of stuff

2) those who want to make money.

Either one is fine, but my personal favorite is the kind where they want to get rid of stuff! You can spot this type right away based on the price tags. Prices like 10 cents for example! If you are selling used clothing, it should all be 25 cents. Just because you bought it at the baby Gap, it's still "used"! Oops...sorry if I offended!

Did you go to any yard sales this weekend? I think it's the biggest weekend of the year for garage sales!! I was really looking forward to it.

My favorite part of going to yard sales is that my dear husband enjoys going, so it's something for us to do together. Of course, he is happy to go anywhere as long as a hot cup of coffee is involved!!

We were both filled with the anticipation of the Treasure Hunt. He is convinced that one day he will come to a yard sale filled with old Militaria at bargain prices. Me...I'm looking for craft things, fabric, buttons, old jewelry, clothes that I can take apart etc.

Another thing I love about yard sales is finding something I didn't even know I wanted!!

Looking for 12 friends!

I love these little liqueur glasses. They are much cuter than the photos. And, there are 12! A while back I bought a salad set with 12 bowls. Now all I need is 12 friends to invite over. Of course, I would have to learn how to cook something first!!

Next to a regular size wine glass to show the cute size.

Now, what to put in them?? What is your favorite liqueur? We were at a friends house for dinner and she served liqueur after dinner. It was very elegant!

Am I collecting these now??

How could I resist a WORKING sewing machine for only $15?? The only thing wrong with it is that it doesn't go in reverse. It has a nice variety of stitches and it's the same brand as my own sewing machine!

It came with a bunch of accessories. Some went with the machine and some didn't. The interesting thing is that the ones that didn't match this machine, go with my own machine. Coincidence!

Here's a table I have no space for, but could not resist!

And, an old sewing table to give to dear daughter for her sewing space that she is going to create in her basement.

Almost every sale we went to had exersize equipment. Why would anyone ever pay full price?

My husband says that all exersize equipment should come with clothes hangers!! Whatever is he talking about???

I already have just about every kind of equipment available. I should be the most "in shape" person you know. So far, just "buying" equipment hasn't done all that much for me. I think it requires some sort of participation on my part. I'll keep you posted on that!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

ASG & Needle Case (Cute!)

I am beyond excited! I just discovered the American Sewing Guild. I am so happy to have found a group of people who share my passion for all things fiber! I'm looking forward to learning new things....and I already have.

I showed up for my first meeting as a brand new member, and I didn't bring a thing with me! Everyone had their sewing machines and supplies, and I just brought....myself. Ugh. Within minutes I was loaned a sewing machine and I was moving right along. Isn't that nice? Now, I need to figure out how to bring my machine with me next time. I guess I need a case?

The project for the meeting/class was an adorable "Needle Case". Our teacher, my new friend Kathleen, made up complete kits for everyone. It had everything already cut and ready to go. I'm excited with the results and I already have 2 more kits to make...yay!

I don't cross stitch, so I just put a little ribbon flower on mine.

Inside, there is a place for needles and even a little pocket.

Now, for the inspiration piece done by Kathleen. It's so cool, you are going to be so impressed!

Here it is:

Don't you just love all the goodies inside? This would be such a wonderful gift!

I'm currently working on a beaded amulet bag that Kathleen taught last week. Yes, Kathleen is very talented!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's good to be home

I know that we were only gone 3 days, but it seems like so much longer. Yes, Utah is beautiful and we would like to go back. I will post some pictures that my husband took as soon as he gives them to me.

It always seems difficult to get back to normal after being gone. Why is that? This week felt like the busiest week of the summer (in a good way!). Today is a quiet, catch up day, and I needed it, so I am glad!

Being away made me miss home, so I thought I would share some outside pictures of our deck. We were just sitting out there this morning.....aaaahh, so relaxing!!

I missed my bed and my pillow.

I missed my dogs and cats!

I missed my routine.

I missed reading everyone's blogs.

Now that you have seen the new deck, how about a glance back to what it used to look like? I always thought the house was cute before, but now..... waaaay better. I am very excited to see how the newly graveled driveway works out this winter. No more muddy shoes maybe? One can hope.

Much improved!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lessons I learned from Pookie

I'm not an animal lover. Wait! Before you get mad at me for admitting this....Lesson number one that I learned from Pookie is how to fall in love with a dog. Pookie is our little doggie. Half Maltese and half Shih Tzu. I got him a year ago for my husband. HE didn't want the little doggie. I was traveling a lot with the job (that I don't have anymore) and I thought he needed someone to cuddle. Fast forward...hubby loves doggie, doggie loves hubby. All worked out according to plan. What I didn't plan was falling head over heels for the sweetie pie!

Lesson number 2 that I learned from Pookie....GO OUTSIDE! I'm a city girl living in the country. You would think that after living here for 20 years, I would call myself a country girl..... Soon.....maybe...

Anyway, I never went outside all that much. How can I explain? I can't. Now, I have to (get to) walk Pookie (when hubby can't). We can't let him run free only to get lost or eaten! And we don't have a fenced in yard, so he gets walked, a lot! And, I get walked too!

Just say the word "Walk" and Pookie's ears perk up and he gets so excited. You are invited to go is our driveway...

End of driveway, turn right. This is a private road that goes to my Mother-in-Law's house. There are 2 other houses also, one is temporary home to my son who just got out of the Navy, the other is weekend house of our local Sheriff.

It's a quiet walk. Just us and nature.

We are turning around now, to go back. Same road and yet it looks completely different from this side, don't you think?

There is hubby, Pookie and Zula.

Lesson number 3 that I learned from Pookie. After having Zula for many years, (we were babysitting her for our daughter and now she is ours), I have "discovered" her. I used to pat her on the head once in a while and other than that, it was more like "get away from me". Then....we got the cute little doggie. Zula decided that Pookie was her "child" and she has been loving him and mothering him ever since. Pookie can take a treat right out of Zula's mouth and she will just let him. Yes, Pookie is a little bit spoiled.

How could I not fall in love with Zula after all that? It's like something shifted in my world.

Lesson number 4 that I learned from Pookie....about 8 months after we got him, I was walking down a street "in town" (that's country talk), and I noticed a dog. Actually I noticed the strange dog as I was walking by. Wow. This was entirely new to me. No sweating, no heart palpitations, no urge to run as fast as possible. I just walked on by that dog. I have been so afraid of dogs for so long, I can't even remember NOT being terrified. My husband and all my kids will spot a dog and immediately come to my side to protect me (from my fear more than from the dog!). So, this is a life changing lesson!! I have to give some of the credit to Zula for this one!

We are walking back to the house now. Isn't it pretty? All these years it's just been "the road", nothing special. Now, that I walk it several times a day, it's become more than special to me.

At this point in the walk, I love to stop and just look up. It's incredible!

Aren't they cute?

Okay. So, now I am one of "those" people. Those people who talk about their dogs. I never saw it coming!

We're home again.

Time for a nap?

Friday, August 1, 2008

About my pretty flowers

Someone complimented the flowers at the top of my blog. They are cropped from a photo that I took of my daughter's wedding bouquet. I can't believe it's already been more than a's almost 2 since the big day!! We held the wedding and reception here at our home. Yep. You heard it right. Crazy huh? Well, when we first started looking at places and I heard how much they charge, just to use their garden, it dawned on me that this would be a way to get my house and yard spiffed up! And it worked!! And WE worked! We had a new deck put in, I'll post photos of that work of art! We fixed up all around the house, inside and out.

This is my husband and me with our precious princess....the Bride!

I love this photo. Our Nephew Sean took it. It was a beautiful day. This is the same spot that my husband and I got married. Of course, it wasn't so elaborate. Heck, we just got all dressed up and walked up there. Our friends and family all stood to watch. Things have certainly changed!

Another great photo by Sean. I just love this one. It looks so romantic. I still get teary.

The First Dance. My son Jesse took this photo. They were dancing on the new deck. If you like weddings and want to see more, I spent forever and a day creating a slideshow of the many photos that were taken by many people. I invite you to watch it if you like. Go to
My member name is isastephanie. If you want to watch the slide show you will have to download the player first, it will give you directions for this. I loved using this program. I can go back to the wedding anytime I want to!

Thanks for stopping by.