Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lessons I learned from Pookie

I'm not an animal lover. Wait! Before you get mad at me for admitting this....Lesson number one that I learned from Pookie is how to fall in love with a dog. Pookie is our little doggie. Half Maltese and half Shih Tzu. I got him a year ago for my husband. HE didn't want the little doggie. I was traveling a lot with the job (that I don't have anymore) and I thought he needed someone to cuddle. Fast forward...hubby loves doggie, doggie loves hubby. All worked out according to plan. What I didn't plan was falling head over heels for the sweetie pie!

Lesson number 2 that I learned from Pookie....GO OUTSIDE! I'm a city girl living in the country. You would think that after living here for 20 years, I would call myself a country girl..... Soon.....maybe...

Anyway, I never went outside all that much. How can I explain? I can't. Now, I have to (get to) walk Pookie (when hubby can't). We can't let him run free only to get lost or eaten! And we don't have a fenced in yard, so he gets walked, a lot! And, I get walked too!

Just say the word "Walk" and Pookie's ears perk up and he gets so excited. You are invited to go is our driveway...

End of driveway, turn right. This is a private road that goes to my Mother-in-Law's house. There are 2 other houses also, one is temporary home to my son who just got out of the Navy, the other is weekend house of our local Sheriff.

It's a quiet walk. Just us and nature.

We are turning around now, to go back. Same road and yet it looks completely different from this side, don't you think?

There is hubby, Pookie and Zula.

Lesson number 3 that I learned from Pookie. After having Zula for many years, (we were babysitting her for our daughter and now she is ours), I have "discovered" her. I used to pat her on the head once in a while and other than that, it was more like "get away from me". Then....we got the cute little doggie. Zula decided that Pookie was her "child" and she has been loving him and mothering him ever since. Pookie can take a treat right out of Zula's mouth and she will just let him. Yes, Pookie is a little bit spoiled.

How could I not fall in love with Zula after all that? It's like something shifted in my world.

Lesson number 4 that I learned from Pookie....about 8 months after we got him, I was walking down a street "in town" (that's country talk), and I noticed a dog. Actually I noticed the strange dog as I was walking by. Wow. This was entirely new to me. No sweating, no heart palpitations, no urge to run as fast as possible. I just walked on by that dog. I have been so afraid of dogs for so long, I can't even remember NOT being terrified. My husband and all my kids will spot a dog and immediately come to my side to protect me (from my fear more than from the dog!). So, this is a life changing lesson!! I have to give some of the credit to Zula for this one!

We are walking back to the house now. Isn't it pretty? All these years it's just been "the road", nothing special. Now, that I walk it several times a day, it's become more than special to me.

At this point in the walk, I love to stop and just look up. It's incredible!

Aren't they cute?

Okay. So, now I am one of "those" people. Those people who talk about their dogs. I never saw it coming!

We're home again.

Time for a nap?


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I just saw your nice post over at Donna Lynn's and thought I would stop by to see who the nice lady was! I love your blog banner it is so vibrant. And Pookies a little doll. Stop by my blog sometime when you have time.
    Theresa @ Cottage Violets

  2. Hey Stephanie...Thanks so very much for visiting my new blog. I'm so jealous you're going to Utah!! Can I hide in a suitcase??? I won't eat much and I promise to be very quiet! I really enjoyed you're story about Pookie and her Zula. I have to admit...I'm one of those people who talk about their dogs too! As you can plainly see from my blog lol. I hope you have a great and safe trip...and say "HI" to Utah for me!

  3. How precious, Stephanie!! I love the NAP picture!


  4. What a darling post, I love that you feel in love with doggies! I am a huge dog fan, although when I have been walking mine we do get attacked by other peoples dogs...another story for another time! I do not blame the dog, just bad dog owners :(

    Love the pictures, thanks for sharing your heart!

  5. Yes, very cute!!! I love all dogs and cats that are white and fluffy LOL
    We dont own any pets because we live in a condominium.
    The last picture is cute too.
    Thanks for the comment today by the way. Yes I remember those Betsy McCall ones too :)

  6. Knew I'd love the lessons right away as I've had dogs for the last 20 years (and before that as a teenager). Your driveway and road, however, blew me away. Yes, each day you'll find something new on your walk, maybe even more photo ops. Stop, look, listen. Very nice.

  7. Hi Stephanie! Have fun at beading group and yes it is addictive but a good one! I am not a person who needs an animal but I have had 2 dogs and complained about all the work required when I had them and now that they are both gone somedays miss them a lot!!lol What a beautiful road you have to walk down. It is amazing how different it looks from each direction! Gave me a nudge to go walk on the treadmill behind me!!(urge didn't last long!) Have a great day - Jeannette (I love the nap picture too)


    Love the treet lined streets. Seems like such a special place to live. I am a dog lover too, aren't they just the best? I can't ever imagine living without one. Your two look awfully sweet and I love the pic of the two of them sharing a bed. Too cute!

    Thanks for stopping at my blog and for sharing your beautiful pics.


  9. e the dogs! our dog has brought us so much joy.

  10. I had a little white dog that looks exactly like that. He was the sweetest dog I have ever owned. He died with cancer at the age of 6. I barely got to know him. That was ten years ago and we still miss him. The whole house just centered around him. It was so quite when he was gone. I also had a dog about the same size as your larger baby and they got along so well together.
    I loved this post because it reminded me of how I never wanted to go outside and then we got Tinker. I had to walk him and had so much fun. I met people, I would never have known through him. He introduced me to our neighbors.
    A bright light as your Pookie is to you. Hold him close. Hold both of them close.


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