Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's good to be home

I know that we were only gone 3 days, but it seems like so much longer. Yes, Utah is beautiful and we would like to go back. I will post some pictures that my husband took as soon as he gives them to me.

It always seems difficult to get back to normal after being gone. Why is that? This week felt like the busiest week of the summer (in a good way!). Today is a quiet, catch up day, and I needed it, so I am glad!

Being away made me miss home, so I thought I would share some outside pictures of our deck. We were just sitting out there this morning.....aaaahh, so relaxing!!

I missed my bed and my pillow.

I missed my dogs and cats!

I missed my routine.

I missed reading everyone's blogs.

Now that you have seen the new deck, how about a glance back to what it used to look like? I always thought the house was cute before, but now..... waaaay better. I am very excited to see how the newly graveled driveway works out this winter. No more muddy shoes maybe? One can hope.

Much improved!


  1. Welcome home!!!

    WOW, your deck sure adds alot to your home!!


  2. WOW! Fantastic, a very lovely place to sit and enjoy all that is green and good. Rest and be still to your heart's content this given day!

  3. That's the biggest deck I've ever seen! It really came out beautiful, Lara!


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