Thursday, August 21, 2008

ASG & Needle Case (Cute!)

I am beyond excited! I just discovered the American Sewing Guild. I am so happy to have found a group of people who share my passion for all things fiber! I'm looking forward to learning new things....and I already have.

I showed up for my first meeting as a brand new member, and I didn't bring a thing with me! Everyone had their sewing machines and supplies, and I just brought....myself. Ugh. Within minutes I was loaned a sewing machine and I was moving right along. Isn't that nice? Now, I need to figure out how to bring my machine with me next time. I guess I need a case?

The project for the meeting/class was an adorable "Needle Case". Our teacher, my new friend Kathleen, made up complete kits for everyone. It had everything already cut and ready to go. I'm excited with the results and I already have 2 more kits to make...yay!

I don't cross stitch, so I just put a little ribbon flower on mine.

Inside, there is a place for needles and even a little pocket.

Now, for the inspiration piece done by Kathleen. It's so cool, you are going to be so impressed!

Here it is:

Don't you just love all the goodies inside? This would be such a wonderful gift!

I'm currently working on a beaded amulet bag that Kathleen taught last week. Yes, Kathleen is very talented!!


  1. How fun for you! I've recently joined, too, have finally received my membership packet, but haven't yet attended a gathering of my local group. The meetings are held at my favorite fabric shop, however. Oh, no!

  2. The needle case sounds like a great piece...and so pretty.

    You're right...they don't build, well, really CAN'T build all the character into a NEW house, that an OLD one simply has!!!


  3. Thanks so much for visiting my blog...I love following new people home. That sewing kit is a real gem...I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want to receive a gift like that....who couldn't use that when they travel or just around the house. I love the ribbon flower detail you created. Sounds like a fun group to join up with!

  4. HI there!
    Hope your having lovely weather in your neck of the woods, seems like the whole west coast is having great weather this summer! We having nothing to complain about here in the Pacific Northwest, it has been divine!

    What a cute sewing case, you did a great job on that, I will have to tell my BFF, www.sweetvictoriaantiques. blogspot to come visit you, she is crazy about sewing, fabric, quilts etc. Stop by and say hi!

    Loved your house and deck post, the deck is beautiful, you guys must really enjoy that all year! Your house is just darling.

    Take care!
    Donna Lynn

  5. I wonder if we have a local ASG in Little Rhody.

    I adore your needle case project and the ribbon flower really turned out beautiful! Great job, Stephanie!

  6. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments! It's always great to meet another seamstress/crafter! I loved your post about your featherweight sewing machine...those are highly sought after by quilters and are worth a ton of money! Yours looks like it's in mint condition with all the attachments. Your deck is fabulous! And I loved all your pics of your darling animals. Take care and stop by again! Blessings, Victoria Lynn

  7. Stephanie! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am really enjoying my visit to your blog. I want your yard and deck too! I am going to have to see if we having a sewing guild here. That really sounds like something I would enjoy.

  8. Stephanie - Thanks for dropping by my site and leaving a comment. It gave me the opportunity to visit you and I'll definitely be stopping by again.

    I also live in Northern California (SF Bay Area) so we're practically neighbors!

    I love the needle case you made and I love the deck you had done. Your daughter's wedding was beautiful and the bride was stunning.

    I also have a house with character (some may call it old but what do THEY know?!?!) and I'll be posting pics on my blog soon so be sure to stop by in the future!


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