Sunday, August 31, 2008

What I like about Yard Sales

There are 2 types of garage sales.

1) those who want to get rid of stuff

2) those who want to make money.

Either one is fine, but my personal favorite is the kind where they want to get rid of stuff! You can spot this type right away based on the price tags. Prices like 10 cents for example! If you are selling used clothing, it should all be 25 cents. Just because you bought it at the baby Gap, it's still "used"! Oops...sorry if I offended!

Did you go to any yard sales this weekend? I think it's the biggest weekend of the year for garage sales!! I was really looking forward to it.

My favorite part of going to yard sales is that my dear husband enjoys going, so it's something for us to do together. Of course, he is happy to go anywhere as long as a hot cup of coffee is involved!!

We were both filled with the anticipation of the Treasure Hunt. He is convinced that one day he will come to a yard sale filled with old Militaria at bargain prices. Me...I'm looking for craft things, fabric, buttons, old jewelry, clothes that I can take apart etc.

Another thing I love about yard sales is finding something I didn't even know I wanted!!

Looking for 12 friends!

I love these little liqueur glasses. They are much cuter than the photos. And, there are 12! A while back I bought a salad set with 12 bowls. Now all I need is 12 friends to invite over. Of course, I would have to learn how to cook something first!!

Next to a regular size wine glass to show the cute size.

Now, what to put in them?? What is your favorite liqueur? We were at a friends house for dinner and she served liqueur after dinner. It was very elegant!

Am I collecting these now??

How could I resist a WORKING sewing machine for only $15?? The only thing wrong with it is that it doesn't go in reverse. It has a nice variety of stitches and it's the same brand as my own sewing machine!

It came with a bunch of accessories. Some went with the machine and some didn't. The interesting thing is that the ones that didn't match this machine, go with my own machine. Coincidence!

Here's a table I have no space for, but could not resist!

And, an old sewing table to give to dear daughter for her sewing space that she is going to create in her basement.

Almost every sale we went to had exersize equipment. Why would anyone ever pay full price?

My husband says that all exersize equipment should come with clothes hangers!! Whatever is he talking about???

I already have just about every kind of equipment available. I should be the most "in shape" person you know. So far, just "buying" equipment hasn't done all that much for me. I think it requires some sort of participation on my part. I'll keep you posted on that!

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  1. I love the sewing table and all those presser feet...what a score!


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