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About me?  Uh oh.  Don't get me started!

I turned 50 in 2009 and it feels like I started a new chapter in my life.  The first 50 were great in many ways and I had my fair share of struggles (I may have even had a few extra thrown in).  But now, I feel like I finally know who I am.  It seems like I was always something to someone else.  Someone's daughter, then someone's wife, then someone's mom.  Now, I feel like I'm me first, then I'm all of those things.

The first 50 in a flash; moved a LOT as a kid, married young and had to do that over with a way better choice (I love my hubby!), raised 3 great kids, have already been blessed with 2 wonderful granddaughters, had a career in the beauty business for 17 years as an image consultant, lived in the city, settled in the country....it seems like those first 50 were on FAST FORWARD most of the time.  My house was always a mess (as opposed to now, when you may just find it clean and pretty...sometimes), I was always driving someone, somewhere.  I was always looking for someone's something.  

But, now.  Ah.  My nest is empty.  And, not in a bad way.  I see it as a blank canvas of possibilities!  I found out that I enjoy decorating, which I never had time, money or energy for when there was all that kid stuff around the house!  I finally have time for crafting, I love to make things.  I accidentally joined a Rock n Roll band (www.stephaniesbandblog.blogspot.com) , I accidentally became a reporter for my local paper...oh wait, there are no accidents, right?  

And, I love to blog.  I love to write them (I have more than one, if you can believe that!) and I love to read them.  I work from home and blogging, facebook, twitter are a fun way to connect with the world.

The reason that I am able to have my freedom and work from my own home office is my business that is my passion!  I work online in my own internet business and the best part of this is that my business partners are the best people ever.  We have such a fun time in our business that we become friends and I love that.  
I also love to share my story about my journey to better health, youthful aging and vitality. www.myskinnystory.com  It's all about how I got skinny and found a business that has been paying off for me since 2004. 

I live in the country and as a former city girl, I will tell you (shhhh it's a secret), country is better!  I live in the mountains and it's like living in a park.  I can't see a neighbor from my house, so it feels private and secluded.  I enjoy the seasons and having nature around everywhere I look.  

My hubby and I are super happy.  He has his own business as a photographer and graphics guy.  I help him out and we enjoy working together.  He is also my high school sweetheart.  It took a few years between high school and finding each other to get to the happily ever after part, and here we are all those years later.  I still prefer his company over anyone elses.

Why blog?  I love to write and I never seem to run out of things to say.  I also like to meet new people, so please leave a comment and let's start a friendship!

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