Saturday, August 7, 2010

Everyday Daughter Love

Have I told you that my dear daughter lives next door? Probably about a hundred million times, right? I just love that everyday relationship that comes with close proximity!

Today she called and said "Help!". She wanted me to come up and help her figure out what to wear to a friend's birthday BBQ. I went right over to help with the emergency!!

Come take a little walk with me. When I say that my daughter lives "next door", that is a relative term. In "country" terms, it is up a little trail from my house.

This is on the "upper lawn". We have always called it that, but there has NEVER been a lawn there. Don't ask me.

This is where we had a little "shake date" this morning. She came over and we had our Isagenix shake together. Nice.

Right beside the waterfall. I was thinking that it was a perfect moment. Shoulda took a pic for you!

Okay. Let's continue. Look down the "lawn" (ha). Do you see a trail? It's on the right.

See it now?

Here we go! It's uphill for sure. Not too far...don't worry!

Can you see her house yet? Look harder....

We're here. See....RIGHT next door!

She's waiting for me, with a welcoming committee!

Here are all the rejects. You see she recently lost a bunch of weight and nothing fits. Good problem, right? (did you know that weight loss is my home based business? If you're ready to have the good problem of clothes that are all too big....I can help!!)

I picked this out...and she is happy! She looks great...if I may say so myself!!

A little pose at the front door. She is such a trooper to put up with me and my camera...she was reluctant (no makeup)...but I just snapped away.

View from her porch. Ah.

Turn around. This is the way back to my house.

Dear Daughter's little guard dog.

Do you see the trail?

Oh good. Downhill all the way!

Can you see my house yet?

Here it is. We're back. That didn't take long at all.

Now I'm back inside, where it's nice and cool...checking out my favorite blogs. Hope you enjoyed our little walk!