Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Poncho for Spring!

This is my new poncho, just in time for Spring!! I saw this in one of my pattern books and I didn't like the colors they used. So, I just used colors that I like and I love the way it turned out. Now I just need for the weather to stay warm so I can wear it!!

Cardi Remakes

My latest passion....remaking. I saw a great article in a magazine that inspired me and now I have tons of great ideas for "remaking" clothing.

This was formerly a sweatshirt. I cut it up the middle, chopped off the bottom and the sleeves, added some fabric and some buttons.

This is also a sweatshirt. I cut off the bottom and the sleeves. Then I cut up the back and put in some fabric to make a sort of pleat. Same thing on the sleeves. It needed something more, so I put on some bows. I love bows and ribbon! The fabric is kind of vintage and the appliques are also vintage. I did some decorative zig zag along the edges. Wish my machine had more stitches!

Very comfy!!

I am anxious to try some more ideas that I have....stay tuned!!