Saturday, August 1, 2009

Top to Jacket....refashion

Sometimes, I know just what I want and either can't find it, or when I do find's just way too expensive. This happened last Saturday. We were playing with the band at a country club and we were supposed to wear black. I wanted a snazzy jacket to wear over my dress. But, I didn't want anything heavy or hot. Well, "hot", but in a fashion sense..he he. I also was hoping for beads.

I went to the thrift store and bought a stretchy and very soft (I LOVE soft clothes!) top. It was only a few dollars, so if my project was a bust...I wouldn't care. I also picked up some beads at Walmart.

My next step was to lay out all of the things that I thought "might" work in the project.

I tried imagining how they would look together. I decided on the beads with the crazy threads, second one up from the bottom. What would you have chosen?

Now it's time to find the middle.

And cut it open.

I tried it on and found the length that I wanted and marked that.

The sleeves were a little tight. First I removed the hem. That loosened them up a little. Then I stretched the fabric as I attached the trim. After that, they weren't tight at all.

Next, I turned under both sides of the front and sewed that down. Then, I took the rest of the trim and attached it to the hem.

I had this frog in my "stash", and I thought it was perfect!

I love the result. I wore it happily AND it was pretty chilly in the club, so I actually needed it after all! I wish I had a picture of me wearing it with my dress. Oh well, next time.



  1. That my friend is perfect, I can't believe the before and the after. You deserve a huge pat on the back!!! I played the game, you can find it on my blog if you like. I hope I did it right, it was fun and I thankyou so much for thinking of me. Take care and visit soon, Char

  2. Excellent! That is one of the trims I sell, too. Will have to see what I can do with it myself.

    Do share a pic the next time you wear it.

  3. That turned out so cute! You are so creative!
    I live in cardigans. I've often thought of remaking some thrifted v-neck sweaters into a cardi.
    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. Love it! I haven't tried sewing on beaded trims to anything yet, so this is a real inspiration. Thanks for all of the great ideas.

  5. That is a great transformation you did there. I had fallen behind on reading blogs. Today I caught up on yours and now I am wondering how you are doing these days?

    Hope all is ell with you.


  6. That last comment was supposed to say,

    Hope all is well with you.

    Take care,


  7. Lou, I am so impressed! I had no idea you were a crafty girl as well as a fabulous photographer. Seems we have one more thing in common. Tresa


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