Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is this lame?

My goal for this Christmas was to make all our gifts, and spend NO money. I usually do make things at Christmas. To be honest, when I look back on some of the gifts I made and gave away...I shudder. I decided on scarves, crochet (using my extensive stash of yarn) and I found a pattern I liked. For the guys I decided on something simple. And for my son, I decided to add a beanie.

I was watching tv and crocheting away when a commercial came on. It was a guy about the same age as my son. He was holding a scrunched up knitted beanie in his hand. He said something like "homemade gifts are LAME", then he went on to the rest of the commercial. I was at that MOMENT making a beanie for my kid. I had to ask myself, "is this lame?". Whatever. When I finished said hat....it WAS lame. It was worse than that, it was UGLY. Argh. I quickly found a different pattern and made another hat that was less lame. We ended up discarding my goal of all handmade gifts and used a gift card that we won from Lowes to buy things. Still didn't cost anything, so that sort of fit in with the original goal.

This is the "less" lame hat. I added a scarf at the last minute.

This is the Lame and Ugly hat and scarf. He wanted to keep it because it's warm and he lives in a cold climate.

What a sweet son....showing enthusiasm. And, he wore this cap for the rest of his visit here....making me so very happy!

Dear Daughter showing off one of the TWO scarves I made for her.

Son in Law seemed pleased with his scarf. I choose to BELIEVE that he was indeed pleased and not just trying to score points....which he did ...either way.

It was a lovely Christmas here at Lulus Cottage. We ate and ate and ate. And, we enjoyed just being together.

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas too.


  1. Oh Stephanie...
    Sweetie I love the curled scarf you made your daughter and the beanies did NOT look lame to me. I think your son really liked them. I know my son would wear them. They keep their head warm and that is the whole idea. I really loved them both. I think I would be wearing the brown one though, even though blue is my favorite color. Something about the brown one says wear me...

    Thanks for sharing sweetie. Happy New Year as it is coming quick.

    Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  2. No, it is not lame. Your son looks great in his new hat.

    We didn't really buy presents at all. I regifted to my mother, made cookies for my sister, and bought my college age son just a few things he needed.

    This wasn't easy, but I'm happy we knew what had to be done and stuck to it.


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