Saturday, November 15, 2008

Looking for Pink....

Wooo Hooo! It's Pink Saturday!! If you enjoy pink...check out all the pink posts listed at Beverly's, click here:I thought I might take a look in my sewing/craft closet to see if I can find some pink....come on in and let's take a look together, shall we?

This is really a big walk in closet. Somehow I just ended up in here and I like it. It's full of my favorite things and I can spend hours in here.

This wall is mostly storage, as you can see....lots of flowers, yarn, so many things!

Is that some PINK yarn?

More PINK yarn?????

I have my bigger pieces of fabric hanging and they are grouped by color. The pink is squished between red and coral....

Look at that!! My work table has a PINK cutting mat on it!!

And, is that some PINK thread in there?

Here is a project in my sewing/craft room that I am working on, it's my first attempt at some Chinese knotting...and it's PINK!

This is the book with the directions and the example is also PINK!

I have lots and lots of flowers. All of my fall colors are spread out in my house right now, so my "stash" is loaded with spring colors....including....wait for it.....PINK!

If you really want to see my sewing room....take the "live" here! I would love to tour YOUR creating space...wouldn't that be fun?

I hope that you are enjoying your Pink Saturday. I would love to read your comments, click on comments and let me know that you were here! Then go visit all my pink friends and enjoy all the wonderful posts!



  1. Awesome idea for a pink post! Loved the tour of your craft room and the pint mat, that is a must have in my book! Please stop by my blog, I am hosting a great PINK GIVEAWAY!


  2. Hello there, boy you must be one busy girl. I took the tour and you have enough to keep you busy for a life time. You must really enjoy it. I'm not much of a sewer or crafty person....but it's good to know there are those who are.

    Bests to you

  3. You are so organized. I watched your video and was amazed how many things that you can store. Happy Pink Saturday and thank you for the tour. Karen

  4. Wow, What a great room! Thanks for sharing. Have a great Pink Saturday!

  5. Pink Rocks :)
    *Happy Pink Saturday*

  6. Wow, your craft room is out of this world! Soooo organized...and very pretty, too.

  7. Happy Pink Saturday, Stephanie.

    I love your space, and the tour was great.

  8. Stephanie, your work room is beyond wonderful. You are so lucky to have that space for your fabulous craft and fabric items. Every thing is in a perfect space to use when needed. I am impressed can you tell? LOL. I enjoyed your pink and every other color today.


  9. WOW !!!!! That was do have a great room...and what a nice place to can find everything....
    Mo :-)

  10. Lucky you to have carved out a craft space for yourself. It is a goal of mine right now as well, but it has been thwarted at every turn.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. I love your post and all your pretty things. I wish my craft area was that organized. Happy late Pink Saturday and have a great week. Come visit.

  12. Okay, you are SOOOO organized! That is the greatest room! Thanks for visiting my "under the sap bench storage baskets"!!... Donna


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