Monday, November 3, 2008

Family Traditions

My son came home this weekend and I took the opportunity to have my daughter and son-in-law over for brunch. I told them I would make Swedish Hotcakes. This is a family tradition.

I remember when I was little, my Grandma made them. We LOVED them so much. All of us kids would boast about how many we were going to eat....and of course we coudn't possibly accomplish our wild predictions!

Grandma never did tell anyone how to make them. I came across a recipe once in the back of a book of Christmas stories and it sounded like it might be the same. And, it was!! The tradition was now continuing in my own little family!!

I lost that recipe a long time ago. I know that it involves a lot of eggs and egg yolks, milk, flour, and more butter than I would care to admit! I just wing it each time...holding my breath to see if it turns out. Someone always rushes to volunteer to eat the "test" hotcake! It's pretty much a crepe.

We like to put butter (yes...more butter) on them and sprinkle powdered sugar. Then roll it up and you have a delectable treat!! Some people like to put jam on theirs. Now that I know what's in them, I don't usually even have one. I spend time making one after another as my kids wait their turn for first, seconds and sometimes thirds!! My daughter said she was going to eat 8!! She had 3.

The best part about making Swedish Hotcakes is the memories. Mine. Theirs.

They (my kids) love to show people all about them. My mother in law came over to join us.

When I am standing in the kitchen, pouring yet another hotcake on the griddle, I am transported back in time. My Grandmother is standing there, watching the hotcake as one of us kids stands in line with an empty plate waiting for the next yummy hotcake to be plopped on their plate.

Even though I have my moments of doubt...."will this turn out?"....they always do. Grandma must be guiding me...ya think?

For you is my new dark "do". What do you think?

Happy Monday!!



  1. Hello from Canada
    My mother in law made Swedish pancakes for her kids and her grandkids all the time. Her recipe is the original one from Sweden. My hubby's dad is from there. If you would like the recipe just send me a line and I would be pleased to share it with your family.

  2. I love Swedish hotcakes, but rarely get them. I think every family has certain foods at certain times. I like to eat pancakes and drink tea foor supper when it snows!


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