Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pink Saturday....Sock Hop!

It's Pink Saturday!! Check out the pink at Beverly's:
Happy Happy Birthday to 2 very special people!!

And, to celebrate the occasion, we were invited to a "Sock Hop".

What a complete blast we all had! The party was in a large space and it was all decorated in theme. The food was ALL AMERICAN, hamburgers and hot dogs.

Our hostess even put down a 50's style dance floor! And, dance we DID!!

This is our hostess and birthday girl.....Pretty In Pink!!

She was wearing a poodle skirt....with a PINK poodle!!

And, matching PINK poodle earrings! SO cute!!

And, because it was a "Sock Hop", here are the socks....PINK!

I was trying to figure out what to wear. I found a sweater set and some pearls in my closet. That ought to do it, right? Well, I thought I would go to the local costume shop, which is located inside an antique mall and see if I could also find some glasses.

The minute I walked over to the costume area, the lady asked if I was going to the 50's Party. I asked her how she knew about it and she said that others had been in. She brought me right over to the Poodle Skirts. I told her, very directly, that I was NOT going to wear a poodle skirt. She said that the others bought poodle skirts. Ugh.

I also said I would NOT wear a pony tail.

Note to self: stop saying what you will NOT do. Just makes you look silly....

Here is my new poodle skirt and pony tail, and my date "The Fonz" who looks a lot like my hubby! (Not Pink....sorry)

All the men were in a uniform of jeans, white T, black shoes, white socks and LEATHER jacket. Every guy I asked was outfitted by the wife. Aren't we so funny? It was like a Fonzie Convention!!

This is also NOT pink....but it was soooooooo yummy! And, inside was a treat....a delectable berry filling (that was kind of pink). MMMMMmmmm.

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!!



  1. Oh so cute and fun! Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely pink night! Does that mean you get a pink hangover? JK! Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Looks like a really fun party. You gave me a chuckle the way you wrote this. You and the 'Fonz' look adorable.

  4. Looks like FUN! I want that cupcake NOW!:)
    ENJOY your weekend!

  5. Happy Pink Saturday, Stephanie.

    What a fun party, and you all look fantastic.

  6. Looks like you had fun at the party, Love the pink poodle ear rings.

  7. Now girl this was a fun post..I reallt did enjoy reading fun that Sock Hope must have been..I need to add you to my list as you always make fun reading..thanks for coming by my PINK saturday also..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  8. What a fun post! I love your skirt and pony tail. My work place is having a ritzy sock hop fundraiser dinner tonight. Wish I could have gone.
    *smiles and pink wishes*

  9. Such a fun post, thanks for sharing!
    Happy Pink Saturday AND Happy Celebration!!!

  10. What a terrific party idea, I love the pink socks! Too funny about the antique mall and the poodle skirts. I have a black skirt with white trim for 50s parties, and wear it with a gray and pink argyle cardigan ... classic and poodle-free :o)

  11. What a great looking couple you make!

  12. Thanks for visiting me. I forgot you are a California person too. Heehee. I love your pink post. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl. Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. Happy pink day! Great photos! Thanks for the comment. Hugs Denise

  14. Happy Pink Saturday! Have a nice one, too!

  15. Isn't it fun to dress up? I love your poodle skirt, and ooooolaaaalaaa the Fonz!!!

    The birthday gal looks so pretty in her pink. I'm glad you had a good time.

  16. Looks like it was so much fun! Love your red poodle skirt!!

  17. cute! love hat poodle :-)

    I also like all the purses you showed before....

  18. Love your post, pink or not, it's still a happy post. Have a lovely pink week.

  19. You two make a very cute couple. Wish I had kept my poodle skirt--who knew it'd be a costume now? A very enjoyable pink posting. Thanks for visiting me on Pink Saturday.

  20. What a great pink post and perfect idea for a themed party. Looks like you had fun! You and the Fonz looked cute together! The cupcake looks yummy!!! I love cuppie cakes!!! pink hugs, Ellen

    p.s. I'll have to post my complete collection of teacups sometime!

  21. I love the "aged to perfection" on the cupcakes. How fitting for the party! I think you should also walk down the street in your poodle skirt for the fun of it! lol!

    Happy Pink Sat

  22. Hi Stephanie,

    Happy Belated Pink Saturday! I love that pink poodle skirt. When I went to Paris I bought a pink poodle brooch! Just had to have one!

    Take care,

  23. What a fun party! Happy Belated Pink Saturday.

  24. Looks like you had a very fun time! The cupcake looks yummy! Happy Pink Saturday!

  25. What a fun party that must have been. Happy late Pink Saturday and have a great week. Come visit..:)

  26. Hey Stephanie, Thanks for visiting me. :0) Now the sock hop looked like a blast (from the past)..hehehe Yes, I have quit using the word "NEVER"....LOL Everytime I do, I wind up facing something head on!

    Have a great PINK week. ;0)

    Queen of Dreamsz


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