Friday, March 30, 2012

Girl Day!

I got a gift for my birthday and I decided to treat myself to a pedicure.  But, only if my dear daughter would go with me.  We did this for her birthday too!  Any excuse to spend time with her is good with me!  She had a doctors appointment and we met right after.  

At her doctor's appointment they got another picture of the baby.  Wow.  In my day (I can't believe that I talk like this!)....we didn't even know for sure that we were pregnant at this early stage.  I don't even remember having home pregnancy tests.  But, now, at only 9 weeks, they have a picture of the baby and my son in law even video taped it on his cell phone.  Amazing!  They are so excited. Beyond excited!  

He dropped her off at the salon and she was ALL mine!  We relaxed and talked and just enjoyed each others company.  It seems like we are always busy and finding time to just visit is rare these days. 

I love getting a pedicure.  The place that we go is really pretty and nice.   It has a spa like feeling.

I have to share this funny video about getting a manicure....prepare to laugh!

After our mini spa session, we did another favorite activity.  We went thrift store shopping!  Or as I prefer to call it "treasure hunting".  We have four places that are our favorites.  At the last one, we both found a few things and when we paid they undercharged us.  My daughter tried to point this out (isn't she honest!), and we were informed that it was HALF price day.  What  a great ending to a fun day.  I drove her home to her new mansion (did I tell you about that?).  That's what I call her new house.  It's huge and oh so nice.  Once they are settled I'll take some pictures and share them with you.  

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