Sunday, March 4, 2012

My husband is a sucker!

 Now, hold on.

I mean that in a nice way.  He is a sucker because he is always getting sucked in to my latest project.  I wanted to paint my home office.  I bought the paint and all the supplies.  After beginning, I just hated painting.  So, he relieved me of the whole thingWhat a doll! 

I moved my home office last spring when  my son moved back home so he could have his own room.  I made some space in my bonus room downstairs.  I like being downstairs because it's warmer and I can see out the front when someone comes up the driveway (which is very rare out here in the country!).  But, other than that, I missed my pretty little office.  

I have posted previously about taking the opportunity to repaint and redecorate my office.  I have always LOVED it before, but there were a few things that needed to change.  Here is the before (which I know I have shown several times):

When I painted this room, I had no idea what I was doing.  I painted everything (and I mean everything!) with lavender wall paint.  The trim, the drawers, the door...all of it.  After watching some design shows, I was embarrassed by my error, but it stayed like this for many years.  I have always wanted to paint the trim.  Now was the perfect time.  Hubby worked hard and he did an awesome job.

I am so excited about the wonderful change that the white trim makes.  And, yes, I changed the color.  It's a bright and cheerful blue/green/aqua.  I loved the purple, but I was ready for a change.  

I found a carpet that Lowes discounted because it had a spot on it.  Heck, I'm sure that it's going to get dirty anyway!  Besides, the spot came out with just a little vacuuming.

Hubby and my Son in Law moved my beautiful desk back in.  What a huge chore this was.  I can't even tell you how many twists and turns they had to get through.  My heroes!

I told my SIL to get used to this because they are moving in to a house of their own and the DIY will never end!

I used to call this the Angel room because of this switch plate.  But, she just doesn't fit in anymore. I'll have to find a new place for her.

These curtains were supposed to be a temporary solution.  I made them out of a really long piece of fabric that I bought to make a skirt.  It's sheer floral and I used wire ribbon to attach to the rod.  I never even sewed it, because I planned on making something out of the fabric.  It's all just folded with seam tape.  They are pretty, but I'm over them.  I am on the hunt for something new.  I priced curtains, and I am going to have to find something creative.  It's either going to be some pattern that I love (in sheets probably) or just plain white (which I always love).

My house is really old and all the original knobs around here look like this newer reproduction one that I bought.  But, it didn't end up fitting all the way.  Hubby says he can fix it (isn't he the best?).

I had to show you this, because it's the only time you will ever see my desk cleared off!   I wish I could center the desk in front of these cabinets, but there wouldn't be room to walk next to it. 

These shelves are a problem.  Hubby didn't paint the shelves, but that's not the problem.  They are just so deep that they are hard to work with.  It's easy to just fill them with stuff, just look at my original office picture.  I am determined to have an UNCLUTTERED office this time.  I thought about just decorating them, but nothing looks good so far.  I think I want hubby to build cabinet doors over them.  (he's THRILLED about that idea).  I wish that some of you gals who are so great at decorating would come over and help me figure out the best solution.  sigh.  

I probably should have waited to show you this office until it's done (I'm beginning to wonder if it ever will be).  But, I am so excited with the progress so far....I just had to share.

Now that my home office is looking fresh and sparkling.  The rest of my house is looking pretty sad.  This could be the start of a very contagious project.  I'm hoping it will spread from room to room.  Hubby may just run away from home. 


  1. Very pretty room. I like the white trim with the blue/green/aqua. What a nice husband to do all this for you. A couple of things come to mind for your shelves. One would be to put shutters over them. Another idea is how about roll up bamboo shades, since you like the Asian look. Or, you could leave them open, but put a storage basket in each one. All the same style so it looks very uniform, but you have a way to organize and hide all those pesky items that you can't find a place for. (I live in a 624 sf cabin, so I'm always thinking of how find storage and hide things.) So many options. Thanks for visiting my blog and, especially, commenting. I'm following you now cuz I want to see what you do with those shelves. :)

    1. Wow! All great ideas. Shutters...I hadn't thought of that, I would love it! That would go great in here. Wait until you see the cute bench I got to put in front of my desk!

  2. I love your new color! Looks like Nancy gave you a couple of good ideas for the shelves! I hope one of the will work for you.


  3. Thanks Linnea! I'm loving the color. It's very cheerful. It's always soooo nice to hear from you!

  4. I deal with so many sad and challenging relationship stories at my blog, so it was a delight to see you say about your husband: "What a doll!" Congratulations, and the room looks great!

  5. I wish I had shelves like that in my dining room for the plates & casserole dishes. The room looks wonderful. My husband is always taking things out of my hands- drives me crazy though.


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