Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Pajama Jean review (and repair!)

I first heard about Pajama Jeans from my BFF.  She had a pair when she was visiting me and I tried them on and fell in love.  I didn't fall in love with the price however.  These are jeans that look great.  They feel soft and comfy.  They look like regular jeans, so you can wear them in public. 

I got my own Pajama Jeans for Christmas in a special with two pair, one black and one indigo.  Here is my personal review of Pajama Jeans for you. 

I purposely ordered one size larger that my girlfriend's jeans, even though hers fit me great.  I wanted mine to be loose and comfy, so I ordered one size larger.  

When I got them, I loved them!!  The T shirts were not a great fit for me, but I didn't care, because I'm picky when it comes to t-shirts.  Well, admittedly, I'm picky about all my clothes!  I want comfort and style.  I love soft fabrics that are stretchy, and that describes Pajama Jeans perfectly.  Plus they came in a cute gift box.

I found that the black pair were tighter than the blue jean (indigo) pair, even though they are the same size.  So, I kept choosing to wear the blue jeans more.  I also found the color of the black jeans to be a disappointment.  They are a very faded black.  Who wants to wear brand new jeans that already look like they're worn out?  Oh wait, I know that a lot of people like that in blue jeans....but black should be BLACKRight?

Here is the black with the blue jeans.  I've never worn the black ones, but I have worn and washed the blue ones probably 7 times.  The blue ones are almost darker than the black.

And, here are the black jeans next to a pair of Nordstrom jeans that I have had for over 15 years and still wear...I mean I have worn these jeans A LOT!  They have faded over time and they are the same color as the brand new Pajama Jeans.

Here are the black ones next to a brand new pair of Target jeans which cost a fraction of the price.  The target ones are much darker.

As for the blue jeans.  They are not holding up well.  For the price, I would like for them  to last.  But, they are wearing out in the back seam.  Sure, that is the seam that gets the most stress.  But, these jeans are NOT tight on me at all.  They have no reason to be wearing out so soon.

Maybe it's because the fabric is so soft.  It seems to me that they could have put a stronger kind of seam here.

I decided to reinforce it and see if that solves the problem.

I adjusted to the smallest stitch length on my sewing machine.

I sewed right outside of the original stitch.

 And then I went back over the same area right next to it. 


Just like new.  I wore them today, and so far so good.  I can't keep doing this, eventually it won't work any more.  

Would I buy these jeans again?  I wanted to.  But, at this point, I would have to say noWould I recommend them?  If you want something that looks great and is really comfortable, they fit the bill.  But, I would NOT recommend the black and be ready for them to have the same problem that I had.  


  1. Visiting from Loui's......I've never seen the pajama you wear them out? Or are they actually pajamas?

    I guess I could google them! :)

  2. They look like regular jeans (I think they look terrific), but they are soft, stretchy and comfy. I just wish they were more durable.

  3. Comfort is important for me too. I would probably try them if given the opportunity too. But at that price, maybe not. I just bought some Gloria Vanderbilt jeans at Sears on sale for a great price. But I probably should have bought a size smaller. They get loose on me. Since I have lost 23 to 25 pounds, clothes fit differently now and I am still getting used to that.



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