Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monkees, Davey Jones death and memories

I was so sad to hear that Davey Jones died today.  

Davey Jones of the Monkees

Just thinking about the Monkees takes me back to my childhood.  I remember having my girlfriends over to my house and we would dance to my record player.  

I had this album:

I watched the tv show.  Do you remember how we used to ask each other which Monkee was our favorite?  Mine was Peter Tork.  I liked his shyness.  My sister always said Davey Jones.  

I remember when Marsha Brady got to have her dream date with Davey Jones on the Brady Bunch.  What a dream come true that would have been for any girl in those days.  And, he came to her school dance.  Woo Hoo.  Lucky girl.  Marsha Marsha Marsha.

Just look at them.  Doesn't that take you back?  Things just seem so different now.  What innocence.  Was it really like that? 

When I watched the Monkees, I loved the slapstick comedy.  They were just so wacky.  Each one of them was fun to watch.  Davey Jones was sweet and always had the girls chasing him.  Not just on the show, but in real life too.  I have heard on my Facebook page that many of my friends have seen him in concert recently.  He had a very long career.  

I'm feeling old today, just hearing this news.  I think, wow, this is just going to keep happening from here on out.  I'm over 50 now.  It's not like I think my life is over or anything like that.  But, I know that my mother in law is always talking about movie stars that have been dead for a really long time and that I have never heard of.  I'll bet if I ask my kids who Davey Jones is, none of them will know.  But, I know.  And, I will remember.



  1. I remember when he came onto the Brady Bunch! I used to love that show. I remember when they were on TV also. I didn't watch it all the time though. I remember being more into the Beatles. The first record I ever got was Srgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band

  2. I had that album also and loved the Monkees!! RIP Davey.


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