Sunday, February 5, 2012

Do you YELL on the cellphone?

I'm going to admit it.  I YELL on the cellphone.  Side track....did you know that typing in ALL capital letters is considered YELLING?  It's true.
Yelling.  I don't know why I do it.  I guess I just want to make sure that the person I'm talking to can hear me.  My kids tell me to stop, but I just go right back to it without thinking.  Yes, I have a blue tooth earpiece.  But, tell me, how can I be heard from this little thing that is hooked to my ear?  That doesn't seem to be anywhere near my mouth. 
me and my bff connie
My best friend YELLS on her cell phone too.  And her kids tell her not to also.  I tell her that I don't mind if she does and she returns the favor.  
When I am in the grocery store, I'm embarrassed to talk on a cell phone.  I wouldn't want anyone thinking that I'm talking to myself (heaven forbid).  Yes, I spend waaaay too much energy worrying about what other people, even strangers will think of me!)  
Have you ever dialed some one while in public and when they answer you say (loudly of course) HELLO!  And then some random stranger around you thinks that you have just decided to greet them and, in fact, does not know how to react? 
I always think that even if I have my earpiece on in public I should hold my phone in my hand, where everyone can see it and KNOW that I am talking on it.  This talking on my phone in public is an exception to my YELLING habit.   In public, I whisper. Is there a way to "type" a whisper? I'll have to ask a younger person....they will know.
And while I'm on the subject of cell phones, have you ever had someone (my kids) dial you accidentally and not even know it?  I've gotten messages that are of their phone jiggling around in their purse or pocket for long periods of time.  I try to listen for a while to see if I will hear something interesting....something they would not want me to know.  But, alas, from the pocket or purse all voices are garbled.  I think my son calls it "butt" dialing.  I get it. I just don't say that word, well mostly I don't say it. 

It's just funny to me that technology just keeps racing on, faster and faster.  I LOVE it and still it seems hard to keep up sometimes.  

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