Saturday, February 18, 2012

Reclaiming my space

My nest has been empty, many times.  Over the years, my chickies have all come home again and again.  I love that they feel that my home is their home and a safe haven to return to.  Recently my "baby" moved back in and stayed for several months.  I wanted him to feel at home, so I gave up my home office.

Now he has moved to his own place and it's time to reclaim my space!  As much as I loved it before, I want to make improvements.  I'm changing the color.  I love the lavender color that's in there now, but when my son took down some of my decorations, the walls were left with some damage.  If I'm going to have to paint, why not a new color?  

I chose my new color based on some articles on Feng Shui.  In fact, I found this picture on one such website and I fell in LOVE with it.  I want my office to look JUST like this one:

As I was reading about Feng Shui for a home office space, the first thing that all the sites mention is to CLEAR THE CLUTTER.  When I looked at my before picture of my office, it's filled with clutter.  So, I'm planning to fix that and have a clutter free space.  This will be a HUGE challenge for me (understatement).  

I was prepping the room for paint and decided to remove my failed attempt at having a cork board behind my desk.  The cork pieces were always falling down and besides, having all that stuff on the bulletin board is very much CLUTTER.  I enlisted hubby's help in removing the cork and he thought the easiest thing would be to remove the back of it, I will call it facing.  He thought for sure that it was covering a wall.  He took a peek and sure enough behind this facing was in fact a wall.  Or was it?

The mystery wall was NOT a wall.   It was covering up what was once a window.  Oh boy.  This project just took a turn.  I had vascillated with the idea of removing the built ins completely.  My in laws built them a bazillion years ago and there are problems with them.  The drawers and shelves are too deep to be really useful.  They take up an entire wall which really limits what you can do in that room.  It's impossible to find a spot for a bed.  The unit is in the way of the closet and an electrical outlet.  And now. apparently a window was sacrificed to build it.  Darn, the whole place would have been better without it.

But, I decided to live with it. Removing it would be a major project and besides, all that drawer and shelf space is good for my office.  If I ever want it to be a bedroom again,we can tear it out then.  

So much for just painting the room and moving on.  Now we have a "project" that we didn't have an hour ago. Ugh.  I wish we could put in a window there, but hubby doesn't have time for that.  Someday....

I will keep you updated.  I was hoping to have the whole thing finished this weekend!

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  1. I love the new color of your walls. It's so vibrant and refreshing. Wow. I wish I can have a home office as beautiful as yours.


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