Friday, February 17, 2012

I ate too much...RESET please!

Help!  I'm out of control!  Willpower?  What's that?  Healthy portions?  Whose counting?

I read a story this week about a guy who was halfway through a 6,000 calorie meal at a place called the "Heart Attack Grille" in Las Vegas.  And, guess what?  He had a heart attack.  (I hope he's recovering!)  

I can't really sit in judgement of him today.  I have been eating and eating and eating this week.  What can I say?  I love to eat!  We had a lovely Valentines Day Dinner of steak and lobster and the most scrumptious dessert, and I ate too much, oh my! 

Just yesterday I attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new business and they had my favorite Chinese food.  I left there to go to a reception for a friend of mine and the buffet table was incredible!  The desserts were so tempting that many of us (ME) had to try SEVERAL!

I ask you.  Was it worth it?  Today, when I have to pay the price, NO it's not worth it.  That "party in my mouth" was over in a flash.  Getting those extra pounds off is not as fun!  


I have a reset button.  

This might be a good time to tell you about my skinny business.  I have always had a love affair with food and a complete disregard for healthy portions.  I envy those people who can have just one cookie (and not the whole box!).  That person just isn't me.  And, I hate DIETS! (what are the first 3 letters of diet?)

Eight years ago, I found a program that took me from a size 18 to a 10 in a relatively short period of time.  And, that same system has helped me to maintain a healthy weight year after year after year.

It's a nutritional cleansing program.  And, today, I am taking full advantage of the program!  It's a perfect reset button.  Not just for my weight.  All those calories that I ate were NOT healthy ones!  My body is burdened by the sugar, salt and impurities that I have recently subjected it to.  So, today, I will give my body a rest.  

This nutritional cleanse program is simple, yummy and easy to follow.  And, no it's not a colon cleanse (yuck).  I will drink a healthy (and delicious) Cleanse for Life drink all day and poof!  Just like that I will return to normal.  I think of it like the rubber band on your wrist that reminds you about something.  This healthy day will remind me how GOOD I can feel.  It's that really good feeling that also reminds me that I don't really want to eat the crappy stuff all that often.  It's really not worth it.  

Oh and if you want to read my journey to health story, click here:

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