Friday, February 10, 2012

Old people and computers

When I say "old people", I mean no disrespect.  My definition of "old people" is people who are older than ME.  And, that pool is shrinking smaller and smaller.  When it comes to computers, anyone younger than me pretty much grew up with them.  Not me.  I remember learning to type on a selectric (remember those?)
Remember "white out"?  Oh my gosh, how I love those little 'white out' rollers they have now.  Like magic.  When we learned to use "white out", it was a globby  mess that could ruin your entire paper.  And, then they came out with those little 'white out' papers that you could backspace over your error and erase, but you had to have everything positioned perfectly and even then it didn't always work out. 
When I was learning to type in night school, our teacher talked about the future and "word processors" (what the heck were those?).  It was an unknown.  I digress.

My mom "texted" me this morning.  Only it was on my home phone.  The phone rang and I heard it and thought 8am, "who's dead"?  Did you see that movie with Cher?  What was the name of that movie?  Hold on while I go on my phone and find out....  "Moonstruck" (wow she was only in 18 movies...thought it was more than that)
So, Olympia Dukasis (her mom in the movie) is asleep and they wake her up to tell her that the Cher character was engaged, and the first words out of her mouth were "who's dead?!".  When ever someone in my family calls at an odd hour, I can hear her voice saying that.  Ok Ok, back to the text.  Of course you can't send a text to a home phone (land line).  But, I got it just the same.  It was in the voice of the computer lady.  That same voice that you always hear.  Is she a real person, that voice?  I really want to know that. 
The voice said "I just upgraded my phone and I hope you can give me some tips on texting".  Isn't that weird?  I'm not really much of a texter.  Mostly just with my kids who DO text.  The younger they are the more they text.  You see to THEM, I'M "old people".   

My Mother with an upgraded phone.  What will she do with it?  I, myself, wouldn't know a fraction of what I know about my phone without my dear daughter.  She tells me all the latest aps and how to use it.  Snap!  Of course, my Mom went to her source....just like I do.  Only it's meI'm the daughter who knows all the latest tech stuff.  Not!  But, I probably know more than someone older.  I'll have to tell her about all the stuff my daughter has shared with me.

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