Saturday, February 4, 2012

I think I love bowling

Well, not bowling exactly...but I think I like to watch bowling.  It's mesmerizing.  Today we went bowling for my daughter's birthday.  As luck would have it the place was filled because they were having a big tournament with pro bowlers.  But, hubby managed to get us a lane.  He has connections!  Dear daughter's hubby and some friends joined us. 
It turns out that there is no cheering in bowling! Did you know that?  It's quiet.  Just the sound of the ball being thrown and the pins being hit.  Not one "YEAH!"No whooping or hollering.  Not with the pros.  I guess it's serious.  When those pros throw the ball, it goes so fast and so smooth, I just couldn't take my eyes away.  
I didn't actually bowl myself.  I was only there to support.  We were asked to be quiet.  Our crowd is not the quiet type.  My daughter has a great laugh that is loud and infectious.  Quiet?  That was a challenge. 
They set us up at the end, as far away from the pros as possible.  We established our bowling line up and started playing.  We whispered and made fun hand signals for cheering and 'fake' clapping.  Thumbs up and thumbs down. 
I enjoyed all of it.  In fact, it took me back in time to my childhood.  My parents used to bowl on a league.  I remember that they both had their own ball and bag, shoes, the whole deal.  I thought my mother's bowling ball was like a big beautiful marble.

My Mother was always a "lady".  When she bowled she made it look elegant and pretty.  And, I remember that she was pretty good.  I wish I had a picture of her bowling, I'll have to ask her if she has one.  I have one in my minds eye.  She wore capri pants, a blouse and sweater and probably a scarf on her head.  And, cat eye glasses.  I don't remember paying as much attention to what my Dad was doing.  I thought he was pretty great too. 
We always felt so lucky when we were allowed to attend instead of having a babysitter.  It was like getting a peek into the grown up world of our parents.  I was always so proud of them.  I think that even then we had to be quiet.

Aren't these vintage bowling bags fabulous?  Just looking at pictures make me want to collect them!!

Why is bowling quiet?  I'll have to go back sometime when the regular people are bowling and see if they cheer or not. 

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