Monday, February 13, 2012

Should I tell the truth?

I had a really crazy weekend.  And, I'm so glad that it is over.  My new band has been a real challenge and we had our first gig (show) on Saturday.  I wasn't sure what was going to happen and I was completely nervous.   We have practiced a lot, but we've hit several (understatement) bumps in the road.  The result is that we made it through.  We got some compliments and people danced.  They stayed to the end of the evening.  So, a success.  

But, behind the scenes it was hard.  I don't really want to go in to the details....maybe another day I will do that.  Which makes me much Truth should one tell on a blog, facebook, twitter? As much as I like to blabber on my blog, I'm really actually a private person.  And, I think twice about talking about anyone else too.  I want to tell ALL.  But, how much is OKAY to tell?  When does it become TMI (too much information).  

I was on Facebook once when my son's good friend posted on his wall about sleeping too much or not waking up, or something like that.  I said something pretty tame in agreement with her or maybe I just "liked" it and he was NOT happy with me.  It was OK for her to say this, but his Mother...well that was too much.  From then on I stopped commenting on any posts to do with him.  Playing it safe.

One of the things I like about reality tv is how they let it ALL hang out for all to see and hear.  How can they do that?  How do they all go from telling things about each other that can really hurt and just make up after?  

I, myself, would not want to have anyone tell anything about me in public (unless it's nice of course!).  And, online IS public after all.  Facebook, Twitter, even email can be shared.  And, yet so many people, specifically the younger generation, tells EVERYTHING, even embarrassing or compromising things where anyone can see.  

Some things that shouldn't be shared are obvious.  But, where is that line exactly?

I've always avoided the controversial things like politics, religion and so many personal views.  But, I don't mind reading some else's opinions on those things.  Even if I don't agree, I don't care that they wrote it.  I can choose to read it or not.  

It gets harder and harder to keep our secrets to ourselves these days, don't you think?

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