Friday, February 24, 2012

Why I love Facebook

It's true.  I DO love Facebook.  Some people love it, some people hate it.  

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Here is why I love it.  I work from home.  And, I live in the country.   When I am at home, there are no people around.  Except hubby, he works from home too.  So, when I need a break, there is no water cooler for me to go hang out at.  

If I could go hang out at the water cooler, I might hear the latest gossip, or a joke or something that happened to someone.  I can hear all of that on Facebook.  It's my water cooler.  

I love hearing all the little comments that people make.  I enjoy your family pictures. I even want to know what you are doing.  

I try to "like" as much as I can.  I like it when someone "likes" my comments and pictures.  I'm sometimes surprised at who is looking.  For me, it's a nice little connection.

In fact, I have gotten to know some people on Facebook that I wouldn't have gotten to know otherwise.  I feel like an insider on Facebook.  There are people that I ONLY know on Facebook.  My Facebook Friends.

There are some things that I DON'T  want to read on Facebook.  I don't want to know when someone is sick.  I don't like hearing that in person either.  Ew.  So, reading all those details, NO THANKS.  

I also don't like gory pictures.  If you just cut yourself or had an injury, I can do without the picture.  Please spare me!

I don't like foul language.  I can deal with that, but I don't like it.  

It's quite alright with me if you say and do things you shouldn't do. If you want to fight with a friend on Facebook, that's okay with me.  It's like reality tv, entertaining.  Just don't say anything bad about me!  

Personally, I find it hard to find things to say on Facebook, myself.  I'm not one that posts every little thing that I'm doing on Facebook.  My life would bore people anyway, I'm sure!  

The best way to find me on Facebook, is to look on the top right corner of my blog and "like" Lulus Cottage.  I will find you and we can be Facebook Friends!  I look forward to hearing ALL about you!! 

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