Sunday, March 18, 2012

We had a huge storm this weekend!  At our house we get snow every winter, but not a lot, so it's still an occasion.  It was so pretty to wake up to white all around.  I can always tell it has snowed first thing because it's so quiet. gets even quieter when the electricity goes off.  Argh. 

This is me, standing on my deck out front.  We decided to go to town and have breakfast....mmmm mmm....and to get warm!

After breakfast, we took a drive up the mountains to enjoy the snow.  I wanted to go by my daughter's new house, but she said we would be stuck for sure, so we just drove. 

Here I am again...we pulled over and took a picture.  Hubby is always taking pictures, but he is never IN  the picture.  I wish I had just taken my camera and snapped one of the two of us.  Hindsight.  

We stopped for gas at STP.  We have stopped here a billion times, and believe it or not, I never noticed this tree growing right through the building.  Now, that's country living!

I loved our snow day.  We have really missed winter this year.  It's almost spring, so it was good to get a taste of REAL winter!  Luckily, when we got home the power was back on.  Ah.

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