Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Appreciating technology...or being frustrated by it?

I'm writing this blog post from my laptop.  That should be amazing, right?  But, no.  I am frustrated because my main computer has some kind of issue with the internet and it's running really slow.   This frustrates me.  I just want it to WORK.  I told my husband that it was a slow as dial up. Who even remembers "dial up" anymore?  Remember that series of sounds that you would hear as the computer connected to the internet?  And, I remember being amazed by the internet.  In the beginning, it didn't matter that it was slow, because that was all we knew.  And, it was so cool to even have an internet connection.

Our rural phone company had DSL before some of the major cities in our area.  Wow.  That high speed connection literally changed our lives.  We used to have to drive to deliver large files that we can now just upload via the internet.  So, when things aren't working the way I want them to, why would I be frustrated?  Why wouldn't I just be grateful for all of the wonderful things that technology has made possible in my life?

If my computer doesn't work, I can switch to my laptop.  I can check my email on MY PHONE!  I can go online with my Iphone.  I have never been more in touch with the world that I am at this very moment.  And, I need that capability to find out what my Facebook friends are up to, play words with friends and other trivial things.  I need to  check the headlines to see what's happening.  Why do I NEED this?    I guess I don't.  But, I have become accustomed to it.  And, I like it.  And, I need to find out what the heck is wrong with my computer.  

This guy says it all.  It's comedian C.K. Louis on Conan O'Brien, talking about how "everything is amazing and nobody's happy".   I laugh every time I watch it.  Enjoy:


  1. Stephanie~
    I hear you loud and clear..
    my desktop has died,,
    but there is help for you and it is FREE,,
    I can attest to the service,the knowledge..
    Dell now has Dell Concierge Service..the first month is FREE..during that month, they will clean your computer of all ill and vile creepies..
    migrate your PHOTOS to an external hard drive,update every thing that needs it,delete redundantcy..restoring your computer to like the early days of your,,smooth operating,,almost instantaneous start-up, and backup service!! They are hoping you like this enough to sign up for 19.99 a do all this and more,, I did..but if you wish NOT to stay, then just cancel before the end of the free period..and you owe 0!!! nada, nothing, nil!!!
    just click the link below..
    and they will service ANY MAKE of computer,,doesn't have to be a DELL!
    good luck..
    warmest hugs..

  2. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!


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