Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm not an artist

My husband can draw anything.  I'm always amazed by this talent.  My kids can all draw also.  Hubby's family are all artists.  But, not me.  I always say that I can't even draw stick people.  Well, that has changed.  Lately I've been drawing a LOT of stick people.  

Last week at my birthday party, we were all sitting around chatting.  One of my kids started talking about this fun game on the Iphone.  Before long, five of us had our Iphones out and were playing this game with each other.  Imagine all of us sitting in my living room glued to our phones and laughing!  That is the modern world folks!  

The object of the game, Drawsomething, is to draw something and the other person guesses what it is.  It can be pretty hilarious!  You can play with people you know or strangers.  

My daughter posted this drawing she made on her Facebook page:

It's a butcher.  I asked her why she would murder a bunny.  She said it was because she couldn't draw a cow.  Lol.  

My son could not get over this drawing.  It was one of my first ones.  I ask you, how does one "draw" a "fart"?  Once you get the word assigned, you have to follow through.  I kept telling him that "I" thought it was obvious!

Once you get going, it's really fun. My son in law drew this one:

Did you guess "sky"?  

I drew this one for him:

Golf cart.  Obvious...right?

I was on the phone with my son and I couldn't figure one out (with a stranger).  He told me to text it to him.  He had to instruct me (of course), to take a picture of it and how to text it.  I learned two new things there! Alas, he could not guess either.  

Yeah.  I could not figure this out.  First of all, where is the "drawing".  We all think words are a last resort (but I would rather use the words than lose the points).  The answer ended up being "glee". 

We are drawing with only our finger.  More points gets you more colors.  What did we all do before having this technology?  Is it a waste of time?  Maybe, but, for me, I love that little connection when one of my kids plays a game with me.  They are so busy with their lives, it just feels nice to know that in that moment....we were connected.  

And, it's made me draw.  I am no better now than I was when I started, but I have learned a little bit more about getting my point across without words.  Yesterday I was explaining a project that I need hubby to help me with.  He asked if I could draw in on a piece of paper.  In the past, this would have caused me trepidation.  Not now, I just whipped out the paper and proceeded to draw it out.  It's not art.  But, he knew what I wanted.  Thank you Draw Something....for making me a reluctant (and not very good) artist. 

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