Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grammy Camp!

A while back, when my granddaughters were visiting, they said that lots of their friends got to go to "camp".  They told me that they would rather come to my house, that it is "Grammy Camp"!  I love that!!  Grammy Camp it is!

At Lulus Cottage, it's just me and hubby.  I don't have a guest room, per say.  But, I do have my "bonus room" with a cute day bed.  And, that's where the girls sleep.  After moving my office down there and recently moving it's a wreck!  So, we had to clean.  And, clean.  And, clean. (get the picture?).  The GOOD thing is that it's all CLEAN and ready for them!

To get them involves long drive to meet my son half way, about four hours for each of us.  The cool part of the drive is Clear Lake.  It's a very pretty part of the drive.  

This particular visit is Sewing Camp!  My oldest Granddaughter, asked her friends on Facebook a while back if anyone knew of a place in their town that had sewing lessons.  I wrote on her FB page that she should come HERE and learn to sew!  

On the way home we stopped by Joanns and picked up the supplies.   I will post our lessons here on Lulus Cottage as we go with all my best beginner sewing tips.  

While we were at Joanns, I texted my son and he surprised the girls by dropping by.  

After shopping...more driving.  Ugh.  Such a long drive and I was soooo tired.  But, luckily the girls kept me awake with constant chatter.  They even taught me a new song!  And, we saw a beautiful rainbow.  

We got home, relaxed and I tuck tuck tucked them in!  

Today we are getting ready to sew.  Just a few days ago, we were practically snowed in, but now it's melting fast.  

They love Pookie.  And, he loves all the attention.  

Fun Times at Grammy's house. 

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