Sunday, March 11, 2012

I say NO to DST! And on the subject of is an art clock project for you!

We all had to set our clocks forward one hour.  Why?  I just don't see why we need to change the time twice a year.  It's called Daylight Savings Time, but the amount of daylight in a day has not really changed at all just by changing our clocks.  Many people say that it's done for farmers.  Is that so?  Why do ALL the people need to change their clocks for farmers?  Don't farmers work their own hours?  Can't they adjust their work time around daylight?  

I read that setting our clocks forward is good for outdoor businesses and sporting events.  That's fine with me.  Just don't fall back in the fall.  Just leave it.  There.  That's my 2 cents.  

Now on to a fun art project with a clock.  This clock that I used was in my closet and was already set on the correct time!  I didn't have to change a thing.

As for the project, I saw a clock somewhere on the internet that had rolled up magazines all around it.  I wanted to create one of my own, and so I did!  Here is the result:

I love it!  It's fun, wild and colorful.  I have it in my newly painted home office and it goes nicely with the aqua walls  This project was pretty quick and easy to do. In fact it would make a great arts and crafts project for kids.  

Here's how to do it.

You will need:
a clock
old magazines
double sided tape

I used a clock I already had.  It's not a particularly cute clock, but I can see the number easily and I like that!  You could use any kind of wall clock.

Look through the magazines and choose colorful pictures.  The best ones have a lot of solid color on them.  It's better if the color goes all the way to the edge of the page, otherwise you will have a striped affect (which is fine too).   This one with the purple edge will look almost solid purple when it's rolled up.

And, so will this pink one.  I went through magazines and just tore out all the colors that I liked.

Next, start rolling from a corner.

As you roll keep on side tighter.

Keep rolling.

As you get to the end, fold under a little flap.

Tape the end to close it.  Don't worry if your pages are not rolled up all the same size.  It won't matter.  What WILL matter is that you have a small end and an open end.  This will make them fan out as you place them.

Place double sided tape all around the back of the clock where you will be placing the magazine pieces.

Make sure you have the entire area covered.

Start placing your magazine pieces, alternating colors.

After you place them all, press them down.

After you have them all placed on to the double stick tape, put on some regular tape on top to really hold the pieces down.

Turn it over and review your project.

Hang it on the wall, and enjoy!!

I really enjoyed this project and I'm in love with my new clock.   It's perfect in my new office!  

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