Friday, March 2, 2012

Decorating with Fans

These shelves were here when I moved in to this house 25 years ago.  My Mother in Law, who lived here before, put the shelves in with her husband.  When I first decorated them, she told me that she always kept the encyclopedias there as if she expected me to do the same.  Well, I did for a few years.  But, who needs those anymore anyway?  

Since then I have enjoyed decorating these shelves over and over.  I've always loved Asian decoration and I have bits and pieces all over my house.  Some of them came from our trip to Hong Kong a long time ago and are very special to me.

I decided to bring all those little things together in one place.  I thought having fans would be fun, but I just couldn't find any that I liked.  So, I bought some colored paper at Michael's, folded them and made my own.  I just love my fans.  

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  1. Wonderful idea hand made,so pretty.I'm a fan of fans too and I use them in the same way.I'll try to remember yours if I ever need an extra one-Denise

  2. After browsing your blog and enjoying Myself,I;m your new follower :)

  3. Love the fans, but the teapots more. Great use of space.

  4. Love the way you did the fans! Adds a really nice touch to the shelves!


  5. i just LOVE the fans! How do you fasten the bottoms? I'd sure love to know.
    The shelves are 1000% better with these lovely items instead of old outdated encyclopedias!!!!


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