Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I want these curtains I found on Pinterest!

I've been hearing about Pinterest for a while.  But, what I kept hearing people say is how much time they were spending on Pinterest.  Well, I certainly don't need one more time stealer!  But, I finally took a look at it.  

First you have to request an invitation and they make you wait a few days before they will accept you.  I guess that is supposed to make it seem exclusive.  Smart marketing.  

Well, I love Pinerest!!  All these years, whenever I liked something on the internet, I saved a picture to my computer or tried to bookmark it.  But, when I want to find said photo, I can hardly ever figure out where I put it!  Now, with Pinterest, it's saved in one place.  It's an online bulletin board of all your favorite things. can look at other people's Pinterest boards and see what their favorite things are and save those on your own boards too (it's called "repinning").

I found this great picture on Pinterest by searching for home offices in aqua blue.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these curtains.  I wish I could find them!  I'm on a mission!  I want something bold and fun, just like these.

How fun it is to look at all the wonderful pictures that people have "pinned".  I can see what a great tool it can be too.  I can ask my daughter to pin her favorite pictures as she starts to plan her baby nursery and I will know what she has in mind.  The uses are endless!

They even have an ap for Pinterest for the Iphone.  I got it on mine and I haven't used it yet.  Maybe today!

There has been some talk in the news about copy right infringement on these boards and I can see how that can be a problem.  I'm married to a professional photographer and I know that he would not want to have his work shared without permission.  But, how do you police something like that?  It's so big.  

For myself, I learned how to watermark my own pictures and that way people can see that I am ok with them sharing my pictures.  After all, if they see my watermark, it will take them here to Lulu's Cottage.  If everyone would watermark their images, it would be easier for us to know if they mind if we share.  The following photo has my watermark on it.  (it's really hubby's picture, he is welcome to sue me for copyright infringement if he wants to! )

One thing I like about Pinterest is that you can pin something from the internet and it will retain the original link that it came from.  So, that protects the image owner and sends them more traffic to their website.  The copyright problems come in where someone like me has saved an image to my computer and can't remember where it came from.  I'm trying to avoid doing that.  

If you would like to connect with me on Pinterest, I would love that!  I'm just getting started.  I have a new link to my account on the right side of my blog.  If you are not already on Pinterest, get your account and start pinning!  You will love it!!  It's a great idea.

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