Friday, March 9, 2012

Best Friends and Business Partners

What a day!  I had a presentation scheduled for my business partner (and dear friend), Cheryl, but it was cancelled.  Or so we thought.  She called me to find out if I still had the day open because we had 13 people signed up for our presentation!  I said of course!   

I am the kind of person who likes to be prepared for things.  But, I can wing it when I need to.  As I was driving to the bay area, I was feeling pretty unsure about what I was going to do for this presentation. It was a long drive, so I called my dear friend Emily (also my business partner) and as we were talking about our business, I let her know about the presentation.  I said how much I wished I had ordered the latest company flip chart so I would have something to follow.  She said she had one and as her house was on the way (about half way), I stopped and picked it up.  Wasn't that nice of her?  

I was already running late, and even though stopping at Emily's only took a few minutes, I had no time to spare.

I have lived in the country long enough to consider myself a country girl, but I have always felt that the "city girl" is still in here too.  Except when it comes to TRAFFIC.  Ugh.  What a pain.  Up here in the mountains, "traffic" is getting behind someone driving too slow.  So, I found myself feeling stressed with all the city traffic and I decided to double check my directions with my hubby.  So I called him.  Now, I know that I could have entered the location in my Iphone and it would have directed me.  But, I didn't.  I surely didn't want to fiddle with my phone while driving!  So, I called him.  

As I got closer to my freeway change, I thought I should be in the right lane.  But, hubby assured me that I should go straight.  I started getting upset and saying that I thought I was now going the wrong way.  I said the name of the freeway and direction, he said YES.  So, I trusted him.

Wrong.  Shouldn't have done that.  The next thing I know, I am heading on to the Bay Bridge.  I couldn't see any way to turn around or get off.  I was so frustrated!  So, I got in the far right lane and quickly realized that I was in a bus only lane with NO way out!  I felt like such a country bumpkin at this point.  I even passed a police car and wondered if he was going to pull me over.  I would have just had a melt down if he had done this. 

Of course, hubby was getting a piece of my mind at this point.  It WAS all his fault after all.  So, I told him NO MORE directions.  I was able to exit on a island before getting all the way across the bay and after touring said island, I was able to get back on the bridge and on my way.  

Eventually I got to Cheryl's and we did our presentation.  It was a huge success, we had almost double the original amount of guests and they loved what we had to say and stayed after for over an hour to ask questions.  

Cheryl was so nice to me for coming out to do the speaking for her, she even gave me a present!  She knows that I love to sew and bought me this cute pin cushion.  How cute is this??!! 

And, she also gave me a box of my FAVORITE chocolates, IsaDelights in milk chocolate from our company Isagenix.  

We topped it all off with a nice meal.

I stopped back by Emily's on the way home to give her back her flip chart, which was a godsend!  And, we had a nice visit.   She even showed me some of her favorite blogs that she follows.  Which reminded me that I first met Emily from my own blog here at Lulu's Cottage.

It was a fun day and I was reminded how much fun it is to be in business for myself, but not BY myself.  I am so blessed to be in business with dear friends and we have a LOT of fun.  

The moral of this story is....don't ask my hubby for directions, unless you want to get lost!  


  1. What a day you had, but as they say all's well that ends well. Your experience reminds me of the day I was heading home from the Oakland Airport on 80. I had picked up my son and a friend that flew out here with him. It was the friend's first visit to California. I had intended to stay on 80 heading towards Vallejo, but suddenly I found myself heading towards the Bay Bridge to San Francisco. My son said he noticed the signs and thought I knew what I was doing. I did not want to detour through SF. But since it was his friend's first time, we went ahead and went through SF and then north over the Golden Gate Bridge. He would not have see the Golden Gate if we had not done that. So it turned out okay after all.


    1. Isn't it funny how quickly you can find yourself on a bridge? Oh my's crazy! Yes, I would have loved a little visit to San Francisco, but I had other places to be. Thanks for stopping by. Stephanie


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