Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What is your "Theme Song"

I've been UP and I've been DOWN. I've been "in" and I've been "out". I've been "on top of the world" and I've "been down at the bottom". And, I am always working my way back to the top. Getting up beat and positive takes constant effort....for me anyways. It just doesn't come natural to me. I will tell you for CERTAIN that is pursuit is WELL worth it.

Those days when everything is going great??? Well, those days are a gift and I think we should go out and really enjoy it. And, those days where one thing after another seems to be threatening my happy mood.....those days call for a THEME SONG!

Have you ever noticed how music can uplift your spirits? Have you ever noticed that you can hear a certain song and be transported to a different time and place...or be reminded of someone or something.

For Me, if I am not as happy as I want to goes a long way toward solving that! Have you ever heard that your "inner world" creates your "outer world"? So you really are....what you think about. Can I brainwash myself in to being happy and positive? Well I am on that track!!

My current "theme song" is Viva La Vida by Coldplay. I love the tune and the beat! And, MY interpretation of the words is that .....I have ruled the world, and I have had it all go away. This song reminds me that I am the ruler of MY world , RIGHT NOW!! If you want to hear it...scroll down on the right and press play.

So, find your Theme Song, turn it up and Dance Like Nobody's Watching.

Tell me what your theme song is.....and why....I really want to know!!


  1. i don't really have a theme song, but music canmake all the difference!

  2. Slightly different but I love listening to 'Instrument of Peace' from Olivia Newton John's 'Grace and Gratitude" album. Also "looking for Space" by John Denver. Both really uplifting songs,


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