Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mmmm, Cup of Tea & My dining room

It was pretty chilly this morning. I could really feel that cold weather coming! I used to wake up to a cup of coffee in the morning. There is just something special about that hot cup of comfort! I also used to NEED that coffee in the morning to wake up! And, I also used to have trouble sleeping and a severe lack of energy. Is there a connection? I think so. Anyway, I don't drink coffee any more and today, I decided to make a cup of tea. Mmmmmmmm. My friend, Connie, said that I must drink this coffee from one of my "pretty" cups. And, she was right, it does taste better that way!

This is my dining room and all of my tea stuff. I love teacups, teapots and doilies (as you can see).

I'm going to enjoy this view for a little while longer....and then it will all change to holidays! Won't that be fun? Are you looking forward to the holidays or dreading them? I'm always mixed. Last year, I tried to skip the holidays entirely. But, my husband made me get out all of my decorations, and after I pulled everything out, I really got in to it. It was a complete surprise to me that he even noticed something like that. The cool thing about his talking me into decorating, is that it obligated him to help! Maybe I will "pretend" balk at getting out the holiday decorations this year!!


  1. oh, i love having tea or hot cider this time of year! so nice to wake up with a little chill in the air!

  2. We're in the desert, but it is cooling in the mornings now! If you love tea, come see my rose shaped tea bags! You'll love 'em!


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