Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Narrator

There is a narrator in my head. You know, a voice (that is really me) and this voice is describing everything I'm doing. I think it's getting even stronger since I started blogging. I can hear myself sort of writing a blog in my head about whatever I'm involved in at any given moment. Now, very VERY few of these imaginary blogs ever actually make it in to reality. It's funny to me. I love reading blogs by those very talented writers who can make anything sound interesting or funny. Most of the time, I just sit here at my blank screen wondering....what do I have to say? Think. Think. Think. Yep. Nothing. But, hop in the car and go somewhere and do something...and then the narrator starts right back up, creating wonderful words to convey an entertaining, witty story to tell....only to be forgotten as soon as I sit down to the computer.

This is a sweatshirt that I re-made into a jacket. I cut off the sleeves and the bottom and I put on some fleece from a blanket, oh, I also added some darts in the front and back. I was going to put in a zipper, but I couldn't work that out, so I chose to put some ribbon ties on it instead. I think it's going to be nice and cozy when it gets a little cooler. Watch for more of these sweatshirt re-dos...I bought a bunch of sweatshirts as soon as they started showing up in the stores. Of course, it's the same situation as the paragraph above. When I can't find any sweatshirts in any store...anywhere...well, then I have tons of fun ideas for remaking them. Now, that I have a bunch of them...I'm drawing a blank!


  1. I hear you on the narrator thing. Somedays I sit down to put something on my blog and wonder why I have one because I can't of anything interesting to say. Oh well.
    Love your cute jacket...that does look cozy! Very creative!

  2. Hi Stephanie...Thanks for stopping by my blog today...You can read all about the online retreat if you come back to my blog, and click on the "Pretty Petals Blog" link in my "Front Porch" post...It's really great!...Just click on Pretty Petals' "Sweet Six Studio" sign, on the side of her (Heather's) blog...Take care, Katie

  3. Don't worry about the words. Just write! It's your free space. No limits, especially your narrator telling you who you can and cannot be. And then you'll know yourself as EVERYTHING and fly!

    I love the jacket and the fact it was a sweatshirt. Very cool (and warm!).


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