Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's Pink Saturday!

And, I'm so excited! This is the first event that I have attended in "blogland".

I am seeing PINK everywhere. Have you ever noticed that? When you are thinking about something, it shows up all over the place? I just happened to change my blog to pink a few days ago. And, I see that I am wearing pink in my current photo. Geez, I think I will fit in with folks who like pink!!

This pretty lady is the symbol for Beverly's Pink Saturday. You can read all about it on her blog . Thank you Beverly for allowing me to participate!! click on the photo to go to her blog:

I am looking forward to visiting all of the Pink Saturday blogs over the next few days. What a blast!

This is my favorite pink thing. I love chenille and I LOVE birthday cake with REAL frosting! Doesn't this look good enough to eat? Interestingly, Pookie thought so too and he ATE the little piece of cake that you see in the photo. I was (and still am) so sad about that! I have since found a very pretty, glass covered cake plate to protect what's left. To console myself, I found the lady who made it on Ebay and bought a chocolate cake. Is there a Chocolate Day?

This is my best friend, Connie and me. We didn't plan just happened that we both wore Pink. Well, admittedly it happens a lot...because I love pink and Connie...well she LOVE'S pink. Note to Connie: I'm looking forward to our fun trip on Friday!! Can't wait!! Miss you!

This beautiful rose is one of my husband's photographs. He is so talented. And, I'm so lucky!!

Is there a pink "state of mind"? If there is I imagine that it is fun, lighthearted, bright, loving and feminine. Care to add to that?

Think Pink!!


  1. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Stephanie. According to my mother, every day is chocolate day. ;-)

    Your pink cake looks so pretty, and both of you ladies are pretty in pink.

  2. Lovely blog, lovely post! Happy Pink Saturday! Pink is everywhere!

  3. So warm and delightful post, thank you!
    And this rose was full of love.

    Happy day to you!

  4. Pink IS good! The cake looks yummy; you and your friend...happy! Many blessings!

    I've been "Tagged" here on the East Coast and thought of you in the West. If you'd like to play, and share with your friends, please visit my blog where my entry is soon to be up for the "How To."

    Happy weekend!

  5. happy Pink Saturday! Love the cake!

  6. What a yummy cake !! Welcome !! :) Happy Pink Saturday !!

  7. So nice to meet you and on PINK Saturday too! Happy PINK Saturday. Wendy

  8. That's the most darling thing I've seen! Happy 1st Pink Saturday!

    I haven't heard of a chocolate day, but I host Blue Monday. Come visit.

  9. Welcome to Pink Saturday. I enjoyed your post.
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Blessings, Virginia

  10. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Love your PINK cake, great post!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  11. Happy Pink Saturday! My sister Karen from introduced me to Pink Saturday and today is my first day participating.

    Your pink post today is pretty and your blog is gorgeous!


  12. welcome to pink saturday! i love the chenille cake, so much fun and calorie free!! happy pink week!

  13. Hey Stephanie, Happy Pink (first) Saturday to you!! The chenille cake is soooo cute. :0) Yes, I can see that PINK is everywhere in your world..isn't it great!?

    oh, and by the way, I'm a Stephanie too! Drop by for a visit anytime.

  14. Stephanie, your first pink post is delightful. Your photos are great of you and your friend wearing pink. Your husband's rose is outstanding, and you are the lucky girl to have a guy who can take beautiful photos. He will be very useful for blogging. Smile. A nice pink post to visit today.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  15. THat cake is WONDERFUL. I know what you were sad to have a bit taken out of it. It does look yummy!

  16. Hello Stephanie, Love all your pink today on your first pink saturday. I especially love that cake! You will see that all week long you will notice pink everywhere just in time for the next pink saturday!
    Love, Ann

  17. Happy Pink Saturday! and you have pretty cake there! so yummylicious! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Welcome to Pink Saturday. Love that cake - just beautiful, and nothing like two best friends wearing pink! :)


  19. Hi Stephanie, I am so glad you joined us for Pink Saturday. And it was fun to see you in your pink. Love, love, love the cake. ~ Lynn

  20. Hi Stephanie,
    Love all of your pink:)), of course!
    Can't wait to see you this weekend. We are going to have a great time!!
    Looks like you had a great time on Pink Saturday.

  21. Oh! I love your cake! I want to see the chocolate one! Have a wonderful pink weekend!

  22. I love that pink cake! Welcome to your first pink Saturday! Suzie

  23. Stephanie,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for the sweet comment about my family.
    There is definitely a chocolate day it is July 7Th and Ice-Cream Day is July 8Th. I am a chocoholic so I prefer the 7Th.
    I love the cake it is almost to pretty to eat. You are beautiful and the love the jacket!
    Have a wonderful Pink late day!
    Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  24. Oh, I think your cake is beautiful. Welcome to Pink Saturday, you will love it here.

  25. So Glad you coule join us this weekend. The cake is really cute-sorry it gotten partially eaten. Blogging staff don't always check with the boss before they make their decisions about those things. Thanks for stopping by earlier. Happy Pink Weekend. P.S. I really like your amulet bags and the waterbottle necklace came out really well!

  26. Hi Stephanie,
    Fun Pink post. That cake is amazing... now I'm curious to see the chocolate one! Great photo of you and your friend...
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  27. Hi! nice to meet you! Welcome to your first Pink Saturday. You have a lovely blog!
    nice pictures!

    visit me anytime...

  28. Welcome to your first pink! I know...I was snapping pic all over the house when I first joined, hubby thought I was a nut! Thanks for visiting me. C&G Design

  29. Your blog was full of pretty pinkness. If there is a pink state of mind, I think you're in it. Take care.

  30. Welcome aboard pink saturday. Love your post. The cake is wonderful. So glad you are a grammy too.
    Happy Pink

  31. Cute, cute cake! Thanks for visiting! You can come to tea anytime!

  32. Love that cake!! You must e-mail me ( and tell me where you got it ok?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today *smiles*

  33. Love your pink! Your hubby sure can take a nice picture! That cake is just perfect. I would feel so sad too if one of my pets ate part of it!

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  34. Hi Stephanie
    It's so nice to meet you. Thanks for coming over to my blog.
    That cake is so cool!! By the way, I love your blog profile. It cracks me up & it's so true!

  35. Thanks for leaving your kind and encouraging words on my blog. I really enjoyed reading your blog, the cake looks so scrumptious. I love your idea of a chocolate day!!!

    Have a great night!


  36. You have a cute blog and I would love one of those pink cakes!! Take care~

  37. Happy First Pink Saturday!

    That cake is so cute. Poor could not have tasted as yummy as it looks :)

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting! We do tend to have fun whatever we are doing which is a blessing.

    Look forward to more Pink Saturdays with you!

  38. Hello Stephanie!

    Yeah, what a sweet post for your first Pink Saturday!!! I have the same little fabric cake! I bought mine on Etsy!



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