Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pink Saturday ....again!!!

I'm in a "pink" state of mind, thanks to Beverly at
She hosts the wildly popular Pink Saturday. If you want to see more pink, pop on over to her blog to see the entire list.

I LOVE this pretty bunny lady. She really should have a name. Hmmmm.

I just acquired this place mat and napkin set at the thrift store. I can only say they seem to be brand new!! What a find!! Pink heaven!!

Close up on the napkins...aren't they great?

Earl wanted to be the director of the photo shoot.

However, he would not pose for a picture...darn.

I was born with a problem we shall call brown thumb or over/under water-em. Yes, a plant killer. I am in rehab for this and my current project is this set of 3 african violets. I looked up on the internet and am following the directions (pretty much)....and taaa daaa, they are not only alive, but blooming. Yay! The pot on the left has been broken by the above mentioned kitty. I'm sure he's sorry. Ya think?

Happy Pink Saturday to you!! Have a very Pink Day!!


  1. Happy Pink Saturday, Stephanie.

    I love, love, love African violets, and your do seem to be thriving. The blooms are such a pretty color of pink.

  2. Happy Pink Saturday.
    I too love African Violets.
    My grandmother use to have a whole window full of them.
    So they give off good memories.

  3. Love all your pink.
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Blessings, Virginia

  4. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Lovely PINK post! Love the PINK African Violet flowers.

    ~ Gabriela ~

  5. Hi Stephanie,

    Love your pink napkins and placemats WHAT A WONDERFUL FIND.

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  6. I love African violets and that pink one is so pretty! Good job keeping them blooming. That's the hardest part. Have a wonderful pink weekend!

  7. I love all of your pink things, and my favorite house plant is African Violets. Happy Pink Saturday, Karen

  8. Oh, I would love to grow African Violets - but I think my thumb is brown, too! Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. So much pink goodness!! African violets are so lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love love love bunnies! We have 5 pet ones, one is named Tinker Bell, we call her Princess Bell Bell : ) Earl is adorable, and yes I am sure he is sorry, to cute : )

  11. Hey Stephanie, Happy Pink Saturday to you...I love the place mat set you thrifted..very nice. Your yard looks very much alive. I take it you don't cultivate that area since you are in rehab...ROTF Anyhow, it looks beautiful and i enjoyed visiting....drop by to see me when you can.


  12. Miss Pink Bunny is one good-looking rabbit. Your placemats and napkins alook great. Take care.

  13. Pretty African violets. Happy Pink Saturday! Come see what I've got.

  14. Love sweet Pink Bunny !! And Kitty is pretty sweet too, although he wont pose for you, lol !! :)
    Happy Pink Saturday !! :)

  15. Love your director. I have a furry blogging staff as well. Your pink napkins and placemats are lovely. I don't have a green thumb either(just a furry one-attract furry animals i do) Happy Pink Day to you.

  16. That is one froo froo bunny! How about "Froo Froo Sue"? Happy Pink Saturday, pet that cat for me would you?

  17. Happy Pink Saturday!
    Besitos desde Argentina!!

  18. I am a recovering black thumb- name given to me by my loving hubby....I can say with much reading and internet searching and expert advice-- you would not believe my garden now. My thumb is glowing green. There is hope for you still. hehe. My expertise is planting in the ground because in a pot they would always die. Poor plants of the past. Wendy

  19. Love your PINKness for Pink Saturday!


  20. I think the Pink Bunny should be named Priscilla. I don't know why but she just looks like a Priscilla to me.

    Earl is such a big helper isn't he? LOL!

    Your African Violets are doing great. Do you have those special pots for them? The ones that are a pot sitting in another pot?

  21. Happy Pink Saturday...I think your brown thumb may be turning a big green afterall!! Love your pink bunny...."Sugar Plum Bunny"

  22. Oh dear, I too was born with the same problem. Yes, I am a plant killer. I've been in therapy for it, and I'm now in recovery. Some still die, some limp along, and some actually thrive. Please don't give up, there is still hope to be found for this problem!

    African violets are actually good plants for someone like us. Put them in a window that's bright, but not direct sun, let the soil get dry, and then soak them. At least that's what I do and they seem to like it!

    Pretty place mats and napkins, and I'm sure kitty didn't mean to break your flower pot!

    Margie ;)


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