Sunday, May 31, 2009

Porch Party!


This is exciting! Rhondi is having a Porch Party! When I heard....well, I just had to join in the fun!!

Welcome to our house!

Let's go find the porch....

It's all the way over and then turn left...

Keep going....almost there!

I was disappointed when I reviewed my pretty porch...because it was soooo dirty. I had to clean it up....I even washed the ceiling fan for you!! The good news's clean and ready for the party!!

Hubby the "Photographer" took this photo:

And I took this one:

Same camera!! I asked him why his was better. He said "lucky". I doubt that!

I have lived in this house for over 21 years now. Wow. I can NOT believe that. My porch has had sooo many lives. I always wanted a cute porch.

In fact, I have many pictures of porches torn out of magazines. This is just one of them:

After looking at the inspiration photo, I have some work to do!!

I really want a snazzy rug and some great pillows too. There is so much going on in this photo. I think I need some more....stuff! Want to go shopping?

You will want to visit Rhondi for HER porch party....SHE has food!!

Annabelle and the Bears wanted to come to the party. They are great conversationalists and their manners are pretty good. What do you think? Can they join us?

Thanks for coming to my porch party!! Hope you had a good time!



  1. Isn't Rhondi's porch party a treat! I've just wandered over from Pondside. What a stunning porch you have! I'd love to meet Annabelle and the Bears, that would be delightful!

  2. Love the porches! very pretty!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Your porch is so cozy and welcoming! Thank you for inviting me. I hope you have time to visit my porch today too.

  4. i dropped by to bring you another cupcake :)
    what an adorable home you have!!
    yes, a rug would be perfect on your sweet porch.
    have a wonderful day.

  5. This has been so much fun visiting everyones porch. You have such a lovely outdoor haven there.

  6. I think you have a wonderful porch. I like the crispness of your white wicker against the siding (is that grey? it's hard to tell from pictures). And I love your deck with the umbrella. And if you'd like to shop, I'm your girl or magpie as the case may be! ;-)

    Happy Porch Party...


    Sheila :-)

  7. I think your husband was closer to the ground when he took his makes a difference. I love the wood floor on your porch--in fact all of it. And were you live, I doubt you have that many flies attacking you like we do here in the southeast, thus the screening of our porch! Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  8. What an adorable house and porch! I like it just the way it is. Love the white seating, too -- and the big red geraniums in the pot --lovely classic look. And I think one of the best things about Rhondi's porch party is that it got a LOT of us cleaning -- or in our case, painting -- our porches!
    Thanks for sharing your charming outdoor room!

  9. What a wonderful porch you have to enjoy. Everything is beautiful. It is so inviting to walk up to from the distance pic you show.
    Yes, I would love to go shopping and thrifting. After visiting all the parties, I am inspired to redecorate.
    Thank you for a delightful time.
    Have a great day.
    Celestina Marie

  10. What a lovely house and porch you have! Lucky you. :)

    Have a great week! :)

  11. What a wonderful porch! Thanks for coming by and come again any time. Have a lovely week, and enjoy some time on that awesome porch of yours.


  12. Wow, what a beautiful porch, and it's so large! I'm jealous! Your porch is definitely magazine worthy.

    In case you don't check my blog again, the twig bench I have is from Lowe's. And I think some curtains would look wonderful in your outdoor space too!

  13. Hi Stephanie :)

    Of course Annabelle and the Bears can join us!

    I think your porch is darling and you're right! The only real difference is "more stuff" in the picture.

    Did you use your flash when you took the pic? If so, that could be the difference.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment :)


  14. What a great post! Like you I kept my porch party low calorie but a few that I have visited have had some delectable treats. Thanks for inviting us over.

  15. Stephanie, I love your porch. It is so open and spacious. And, I would love to go shopping with you, too. Wouldn't we have a great time?!

    Thank you for your hospitality.

  16. hello! i am so loving the colors of your porch. it is so very pretty!



  17. What a lovely setting you have - and I bet Annabelle and the bears are much better behaved then our 400 pounder! Thank you for visiting my front porch also and please come back for a visit anytime.

  18. OMGosh Stephanie, your porch is gorgeous!! Love your big beautiful have a really pretty home! tfs

  19. HiStepanie
    I am finally here to visit you. Internet explorer would not let me log on to your blog yesterday. I tried so many times. Your porch is lovely and I'm so glad you joined the party!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  20. What a gorgeous setting, and your deck is beautiful. Your porch is equally as stunning.


  21. Your porch is cute as you! Thanks for inviting me to come. I LOVE your porch, my friend! Happy Summer, my friend! DOnt be a stranger. And drop in for summer party today and thrifty thirsday this week, if you can.

    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  22. Thanks for coming by and saying hello. Your porch is lovely. Love the white wicker and the green house. Looks like you live out in the country. Lucky you. Your little dog is so cute. Mimi

  23. I love white wicker on a porch. It looks very inviting. Thanks for your sweet comments.

  24. You have a lovely porch! It looks like your husband was standing at a different angle than you. I usually take a million pictures before settling on the one I'll post.

    Thanks for stopping by to see my porch and leaving such a nice comment!

    Good luck thrifting - I'm sure you'll find plenty to paint!


  25. Hey - I think your porch looks great with the white wicker and those red flowers setting it all off. What a fabulous deck you have, also! :)Nancy

  26. what a beautiful red deck and porch. your inspirational photo is perfect sense you have the same lines as it. What a great big deck to enjoy dinner or drinks on it and watch the wildlife..wish I could visit you in real life.

  27. My goodness you live in a beautiful place. You should just put a bed out on the porch and enjoy the surroundings 'round the clock. but your porch is darling. Such happy colors. I love a motivation to clean and spruce the porch all up. Great job.
    Feel free to come over and join my "100th" post celebration and giveaway. : )

  28. I had fun sitting on your porch with the cute little bears. I have moved 11 times and this time I do not have a porch to share. Maybe in my next move:)

  29. Isn't it great that we get inspired to tidy up for blog pictures an then we get to live with the new look! Thanks for stopping by my back porch. Your's is probably 10 degrees cooler than mine in June! Stop by on Pink Saturday

  30. What a fun post..Just love your porch..It's so pretty and looks so relaxing...


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