Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bright Spot

It's turned overcast, cold and even a little rainy. My friend Connie from SoCal calls it "June Gloom". How appropriate! I thought I would post some pictures of my flowers to brighten up Lulu's Cottage.

This is the view from my kitchen, standing at the sink. I'm not a gardener. I suppose it's apparent to those who are. I think of it as beautiful chaos. Mother Nature is the main organizer!

When I moved in here, lo those many years ago, the red rose bush was here and it was already old. I have stuck trimmings in to the flower bed over the years, and the red bush has spread. I planted the 2 pink roses. They get more flowers every year.

I love the daisies! I tossed some wildflower seeds in the area one year and at some point a small daisy grew. Every year the daisies multiply. I just love them!! Wish they would last the whole summer!!

While we were all celebrating Rhondi's porch party, these 2 fellas were having a porch party of their own!!

This new flower hasn't been planted yet. It's going to go outside my office window. The cool thing is that I saw this flower on a blog and I just loved it. So, when I saw it in the store...I knew I had to have it. The Real World and Blog World collide again!!

I hope you are having a bright day!!



  1. Your garden is beautiful! I love the daisies! And of course, the roses.

  2. Stephanie, I love your view from your window. Just beautiful. I also smiled when I saw the porch dwellers having a fine day. Is that a poodle? I so love poodles. I recently posted those flowers that look like bells. I love them too. Good luck with them.


  3. Beautiful Flowers! Hope your day is getting Sunny!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. love you garden, its so beautiful. The view from your kitchen is just wonderful, isnt it nice to look something beautiful while doing the cooking :-)
    Have a nice day
    Lots of luv,

  5. Your garden is just so beautiful...I love all the pretty flowers...Love the roses...


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