Monday, June 15, 2009

Countdown...6 days to Vacation!

I'm pretty excited!! I can't believe it's almost here!! VACATION!!

After my kids grew up, I knew that it would be hard to get them to participate in vacation....UNLESS it was something they could not resist, right? I knew that I could not afford to take the entire family on an expensive trip every year, so, I came up with a wonderful idea...camping! We used to take the kids camping when they were little and our favorite destination, hands down, was Yosemite. We used to camp outside the park to save money and we truly "roughed it". When we would drive into the park for the day, we would sometimes treat ourselves to a shower (for a dollar) at a place called "Housekeeping Camp". We used to laugh at those folks with their "flush" toilets, canvas tents with a cement pad, a store right in the camp. "That's not camping!" we would say. Hmmm. Guess where we stay now? Yep. You got it.

It isn't easy to get in. The place gets booked up. I always manage to get in, but it's very touch and go until I have that reservation. You can book as early as 1 year and 1 day ahead. I called right when they opened that day and it was already sold out! So, I have to wait until the time comes and pick up the cancellations. My kids just assume it will work out....while I am going crazy with worry. I just got my reservation LAST WEEK!! I guess they were right. It DOES always work out.

We are all MORE excited than usual. We had SEVEN of these vacations for seven years straight. Until last year. We missed it because of my daughter's wedding. It was just too much for all of us to do a vacation too. So, THIS year, we are more excited than ever!

We have a lot of our family history in these trips. It has grown into something really special.

The first year we went to Housekeeping Camp, we found out that there was an electrical outlet in our tent/cabin. So, year number 2 we brought our coffee! we thought we were really living then! The next year we really went all out and brought our blender. One day, some new campers were unloading their stuff next to us, and they brought EVERYTHING; microwave, griddle, coffee pot... are you getting the picture? NOW, that is US! We bring it all!! We have decorations, lights, flags and every kind of appliance we "might" need.

Right now I am working on my LIST. I am big on lists! I make the list and hubby makes it happen.

We have lots of camping stuff that we have accumulated over the years. But, somehow, we always NEED something more!

I can totally imagine myself lounging around camp, just relaxing!!



  1. Now that is a type of camping even I (who thinks roughing it means a motel with no room service) might enjoy! Camping with an espresso machine -- and a hair dryer. You are talking my language now. :-)

  2. Camping with your family sounds like a great vacation!
    Thanks for visiting me and leaving a nice comment.
    Take care,

  3. Stephanie, That sounds like some pretty tough, no-frills camping! hehe! I love camping, we haven't been for a couple of years...the last time hubby and I went, neither of us slept because we had a bear in camp.
    Going with the whole family sounds like a blast! What a wonderful family tradition!
    Have fun, Debi

  4. Sounds like fun! I have to have coffee in the am. Even if I was in the jungle I'd have to have coffee!



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